Illegal Immigration is Illegal

Illegal Immigration is Illegal. There isn’t really much to say here. America is not responsible for taking care of the world, and we’re under no obligation to take care of anyone but American citizens.

Any man, child, woman, or family, entering the United States MUST enter through a port of entry. If they don’t enter through a port of entry and register, then they are illegal.

Illegal immigration is not only unsafe for illegals, but unsafe for American citizens as well.

There’s a problem in this country with illegal immigration, and there has been for years. What we as normal citizens see is the argument.

One side argues that it is our duty to take in families of people from other countries, and it doesn’t matter if they’re illegal. The other side argues that they should have to go through a port of entry, and that there’s nothing wrong with immigration-as long as it’s done legally.

What most citizens don’t see is that when you break it down, this human trafficking. There’s a small group of American citizens who claim to care about people, but the truth is that all they care about is lining their pockets.

Groups of illegal citizens are allowed to enter the country and they’re transported to “sanctuary cities” where they’re “safe” and welcomed with open arms.

The small group, has in advance, applied for and received millions of dollars from the government to open preschool and after school care programs where they become the administrators. This has been going on since Bush’s No Child Left Behind Act. The people who stand there with open arms are happy and excited because they’re about to make between $45,000 and $100,000 per year running a school of illegal children.

This is what modern day human trafficking looks like.

C’mon, lets make America Great Again! Hello? Anyone?

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