Is That There Way Of Censoring Me?

With all this stuff going with Ingram Content not updating my sales reports with Fulton Books, which means I won’t get paid even though my books are selling, I have to wonder, is this their way of censoring me? Is this their way of discouraging me?

Well, they’re probably not going to come out and censor me, but I guess they figure if they stop paying me I’ll stop publishing with them.

I don’t know, why else would this be happening? I brought my concerns to Fulton Books in June or July, and it will be November next week.

That means for the last five months I had go on with my normal day to day and work activities while this issue weighed heavy on my mind. And the sad thing is that no one rushed to take care of it or get back to me with an answer.

Yesterday, I aired my thoughts out in the post, “Book 4 Coming Up,” because I have to. Publishing and writing and any type of artistic creation should be a pleasant experience.

I like to mention something else. Why aren’t self-published authors able to track their sales in their entirety, e-books and paperbacks across all platforms, websites and stores?

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