Ingram Content/Fulton Books; The BBB and the Back and Forth

Last night I decided to contact the Better Business Bureau, and I asked them to investigate why Ingram Content is not reporting my book sales from the beginning of this year to my publishing company, Fulton Books.

Fulton Books responded to me by email this morning, and this the back and forth email exchange between us.

I don’t understand why or how this has gotten to this level. It’s very simple. You self-publish with Fulton Books and Ingram Content handles all sales.

When your book is purchased, the sale registers first with Ingram Content, Ingram then, is supposed to update the sale with Fulton Books so the author can get paid.

I know of at least 3 sales for fact (Between March 5th and June 3rd, 2022) that were not updated-meaning Ingram Content did not report them to Fulton Books. I would like to know why, and I would like Fulton Books to contact Ingram Content for the answer.

We’ve been going back and forth since the summer on this issue.

Email 1:

Thu, Oct 27 at 10:31 AM

Hi Francis,

We already received your BBB complaint. We will respond appropriately through them as they require us to do so. You will get the same reports from us as you have received in the past. We have never treated you as a liar. We have repeatedly let you know the process of our reports and how Ingram reports them to us, but you are unsatisfied with our answers and treat us as the liars. We have been truthful with you since day one and will remain truthful with the BBB.

Please expect Fulton’s/BBB’s response within the BBB’s standard 15-day period.

Thank you.

-Author Support

Email 2: My response:

Thu, Oct 27 at 12:36 PM

Dear Support Staff:

My sales from the beginning of this year (March 5 to June 3rd 2022) are not updating on your Fulton Books sales report.  I asked you why that was during the summer and you told me it was because the sales were actually old and that Amazon purchased a bulk order in 2021.  

I asked to see some type of proof of sales, a receipt, or a sales report that shows that information and you still haven’t provided it.

I asked over and over again for you to contact Ingram Content and ask them why they’re not reporting my sales to you, and you still haven’t done that.

XXXXXX told me my amazon author account was a projection of possible future sales, when that was incorrect.  It’s an accurate description of paper back sales through Amazon and it updates weekly.  It’s not a sales projection chart.  It’s proof that my paperbacks have been selling.  

I sent you a snap shot of my author amazon sales page towards the end of the summer, and you asked me to send it again yesterday.  I work a full time job, I maintain a blog, and I write.  I don’t have the time to do things two and three times.  At some point you have to meet me half way.  I’ve been kind, fair, professional, and patient.

I didn’t know what else to do, so yes, I contacted the BBB to investigate.  

Again, my sales from the beginning of this year didn’t update on your site’s sales report, which means I won’t get paid for those sales.

How long is this going to go on for?  All I asked was for you to call Ingram Content and ask them why. 

Yesterday, I asked you for your name and you still haven’t provided it.  I don’t understand the secrecy.  It’s like you don’t listen to a word I’m saying, you let me talk and your response is never specific.  You keep reading the script over and over and telling me what I already know.  

At some point you have to respond directly to what’s being asked.  After all the money I’ve spent with Fulton Books, I expect to be treated fairly and dealt with accordingly.

Again, Please call Ingram Content and ask them why they aren’t providing you with an updated report of my book sales.  You’re making this an issue between me and Fulton Books and it shouldn’t be.  


Francis Joseph LaManna

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