Just Trying to Correct the Problems

The incident that’s referred to as “insurrection,” the January 6th situation at the White House, is what happens when a democracy deteriorates into mob rule.

To put all the blame on Donald Trump for that, and to say he’s solely responsible, means that you don’t even understand the system of governance you were hired to govern in.

Almost every issue we have in this country stems from the abandonment of our Constitution and the Constitutional Republic it formed. I just Tweeted several hours ago about individuals in this country feeling powerless. The individual in this country is sovereign and free, and he has rights. The individual in America has more power then any group or agency, but you would never think that’s true by the way we’re treated.

Today, I waited on hold for unemployment to pick up the call. I waited on hold for almost two hours and while the “on-hold music played,” I went to CVS, the food store, came home, made lunch, got dressed, and I was on my way to work when someone from unemployment finally picked up.

That’s insane. We are hard working people who have lives, and personally, I don’t have the time to be waiting on hold like that-nor should I have to.

This goes back to what I just said about people feeling powerless. The people at unemployment should pick up the phone calls in a timely manner and that in itself would eliminate a lot of issues. What is this? We should feel lucky if unemployment even picks up the phone? NO. I know people who can claim benefits, but don’t because they’re that discouraged by the system!

If you work then you pay into the unemployment system. That’s not the governments money and they need to stop putting us in a position where we have to feel like we need to kiss their asses to collect our benefits.

Today, like I said, I waited on hold for almost two hours, and the woman ended up hanging up on me. I didn’t curse at her and I didn’t yell at her. I was asking her specific yes/no questions and she couldn’t handle it. If she wasn’t qualified to deal with the public then she should’ve passed the call on to a supervisor.

So, not only is the Pennsylvania unemployment system overreaching, but today, I was threatened and my first amendment rights were infringed upon.

I’m not going to stop until this issue is resolved, and in the mean time, someone needs to fix this unemployment system, and start hiring people who are qualified to deal with the public.

I’m on my own, and I realized that a long time ago, but that’s okay because I’m fucking real. I’m going to ask questions, I will make you explain something if I don’t understand it, and if my rights are being infringed upon I’m going to push back. If you can’t deal with people then find a job that doesn’t require you to deal with the public.

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