A Follow Up With Some Real News

To follow up on my last post; in my analysis of the astrological chart for Generation X, the alignment revealed a generation betrayed in the 6th House of health and service.

The issue I’m having with unemployment is a great example of this.

I was a teacher, and I put teachers in the same category as police officers, firemen, and other government workers because each job involves dealing with the public.

Let’s put rights and all that other stuff aside for the moment. In this country, there’s a huge drop off in public service. I just saw a video on Twitter of a nurse, a health care worker employed in some type old age home or senior care facility who was slapping the shit out of an elder woman living in the facility.

That person should be jailed, and banned from any job dealing with the public. Are you kidding me?

For reasons I’m not going to get into, paying and granting people the power to work with the public has created an attitude in employees now that some think they’re better, on higher ground, and superior to those they serve.

This has to change. Just because someone comes to you for help, you don’t have the right to beat them, threaten them, disrespect them, or treat them like a lower life form. In all fairness, if that’s how you want to get down, then I should quickly remind you that you’re the servant. Yes, you’re serving the public.

So, let’s not go there.

Health and service is important, it’s necessary, and we need people who are patient , stand-up, and honest.

The reason why I mentioned Generation X is because it’s our generation (1965-1980) that bears the burden of healing this Chiron wound in our astrological chart. Generation X is going to have to pave the way and right the wrongs when it comes to betrayal in health and service.

After the Kennedy assassination, Generation W put their heads down and went to work while the murder investigation was botched and the country was flooded with drugs. If Generation X does the same thing then where does that leave the Millennials?

Someone has to stand up.

Before I let this post go, I want to remind my audience about something. It’s posts like this and other issues I blog about that separates Nooz Buffet from other news sources.

This is real news and editors working for major newspaper publications will never print this type of material. And that’s what perpetuates the situation of people feeling powerless. Real issues, or issues people deal with on a daily basis are hushed until they become a major issue that can’t be ignored.

And even then, we don’t get the truth or the real reason why such huge issues manifest the way they do. What started it? What provoked it? Why did he/she do what they did?

Could someone have prevented the end result?

Alright everyone, have a great day! And remember something, it’s oaky to ask questions, and if you feel like something isn’t right or you’re not being treated right, speak up! If you don’t, don’t be mad at the people who do.


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