I was asked recently about a story from my latest book, Smorgasbord 2 Catch Up and Relish, titled, Witches in Heat, and it wasn’t until I began speaking about the story that I actually had an appreciation for it.

It’s a two-part short story fiction piece; Witches in Heat and Witches in Heat 2. The story begins with the main character spilling coffee on his laptop. He works from home, and he needs his laptop, but he doesn’t have a car so he decides to walk a great distance to the store to buy a new one.

On his way there, he passes a farm market that sells fresh fruit and vegetables. He decides to go in and he’s infatuated with the beautiful young girl working there. She notices how tired he is so she gives him water and a bag of mixed fruit. He takes his fruit and finds a shady spot to sit underneath a tree. Eventually, so tired from his walk, he passes out.

When he wakes up, he doesn’t realize it at first, but the time changed and suddenly, he finds himself hundreds of years back in the past. At first, the girl pretends to be unaware of this as she offers to help him.

When he arrived at the farm market it was modern day, but when he wakes up dirt roads were where the streets were, there were no telephone poles, no cars, and his house wasn’t even built yet.

She convinces him to take a wagon ride, and he obviously doesn’t reject her advances. The first part ends with them taking a break on their journey to rest for the night.

Part 2 opens, the wagon is approaching its destination, which turns out to be a witches breeding ritual, and the main character finds himself as the main attraction.

As the action heats up and the clothes come off, he’s jolted out of his trance. Disappointed now, he realizes the whole thing was just a dream, but a twist at the end leaves us wondering. Was it just a dream, or a foreshadow of events soon to take place.

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