Free Writing..

I talk a lot about our mainstream news outlets, and it’s usually not nice. I’m all about the individual, independent thought, and free thinkers so, it bothers when the people who work for these companies run a story and side with the majority when what’s popular isn’t necessarily right or true.

That’s dangerous, but I’m not writing this to continue dumping on the mainstream. All of that information that’s considered mainstream serves a purpose. It creates and drives cultural trends, and it’s only by coming up through the culture that you’ll eventually be able to awaken out of it.

I’m being nice. I mean, there are some people that don’t even see a need for it because they feel like it sets us back. That’s true, but I guess some people need it.

How would you know what beautiful was if you didn’t have something ugly to compare it to? Not everything we own has a price tag. Not everything we own has monetary value.

There’s a sentimental and emotional attachment we have to some of our possessions. We have possessions that are valuable and sometimes priceless because of what they mean to us personally.

I digress..

Sometimes you can’t blame the people who work for these mainstream companies because most of them are asleep. Some of them don’t understand the magnitude of what they decide to show and talk about.

As a student of Journalism, I was taught the news should be unbiased. That doesn’t mean taking a portion of a story and selling the public your personal spin of it. Then I found out the political left has their media, which is partial to the democratic party, and the right has their media that’s partial to the republican party.

Big mess.

For those coming up through the culture, there’s some advice I have for you as I’m waiting here on the other side.

It’s okay to be American. It’s okay to be proud of being an American. Waves and waves of people left their homelands to be apart this nation, that was founded on independence, freedom, liberty, and a shared sovereignty amongst the people. I’m not going to get political on you now though, because there are some complicated problems that occurred over time. Meaning, if you’re a teenager now, you have no idea what life was like here before 911.

And that in itself is a problem because that’s the slow change over time that creates the wrong change in the end. It’s a gradual change over time from one generation to the next that has the current generation thinking they have it good or they have it bad when they have nothing to compare that to.

Read and study the history. Stay away from stereotypes. You are an individual, you are not the group, and no member of the group is you. Don’t be afraid to be different, and don’t be afraid to stand out from the group. I know kids and teenagers sometimes suppress themselves, their abilities and talents just to blend in with the group.

When it’s your time to shine, shine. It might be at a time when everyone else around you is down and out, but believe me, when you were down, no one said let me ruin my life to make you fell better about yours.

Stay away from the race baiters and the haters. Stay away from people who bring you down and stay away from those who take without giving. Surround yourself with people who have similar goals and people who think at your level or higher.

Ask questions, and think for yourself. Think and act with common sense. See yourself as the judge of your life and decide for yourself what’s good or bad for you personally. What’s bad for you might be good for me, and just because you think something I did was wrong, that doesn’t mean it wasn’t the right thing for me to do.

And lastly, I leave you with this photo. If you’re not capable of this, then it’s what you should be striving for.

Seeing both sides and judging for yourself.

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