I’ve always Wondered

I asked this before, but I’m going to ask it again because I don’t think I asked it in the clearest way.

Some people don’t believe the planets exist, as of now I don’t know if I agree with that, but…

I would like to know…

When you go outside during the day, you see the Sun. Right? We can see the Sun.

When we go outside at night, we see the Moon. Right? We can see the Moon, and it’s so close we can see it in phases.

Okay, if Mercury and Venus are the next two planets orbiting the Sun, and we are the third, then that means we are closer to Mercury and Venus then we are the Sun. Right?

So, the question is why is Mercury and Venus this little star way off in the distance? Shouldn’t we see those planets as we do the Sun and Moon since they’re much closer to us than the Sun? Shouldn’t they at least appear as big spheres of light instead of tiny specs way off in the distance?

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