Interestingly Similar

Those who’ve been following Nooz Buffet know how much time I’ve spent on the breaking down of Zecharia Sitchin’s book, The 12th Planet. So, yesterday evening while looking for news stories, I came across an article on science alert dot com.

Flattened dark blobs on black stalks in leaf letter

Here’s the photo, and according to the article, they’re saying what you see above is a new fungi that belongs to a new branch on the tree of life. The article continues to say the fungi above belongs to a group of strange fungi that hasn’t seemed to fit in with what they’ve been finding in modern times, and that’s because there was a divide more than 3 million years ago.

Here is the link to the article:

This discovery is without a doubt interesting and the journalist did a good job reporting.

On my end, I noticed immediately, this fungus looked interestingly similar to what I just saw in Sitchin’s book. Look to the right of the next two photos.

These pictures from Sitchin’s book are a pictorial tale engraved on a cylinder seal found in ancient Mesopotamia. And this ties into my post from yesterday that began talking about hacking. This tale shows the ancient God Enki sitting on his thrown with two tree gods flanking his sides. On the right, where the branches have penis shaped ends, there’s a goddess holding up a bowl containing the fruit of life.

On the left, the branches have ends shaped like a vagina. The penis shaped branches represents the Tree of Life (eternal life), and to the left, the vagina shaped ends represent the Tree of Knowing-the God-given gift of procreation.

I hope the modern scientists who discovered the “fungi” see this article because this is an exciting correlation that could be the missing link between humans, the gift of procreation, the gift of eternal life, and the Garden of Eden.

I don’t know where the fungi was discovered, but I’d like to know. Because, hey, you never know.

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