Friends, Fans, and Followers, good morning!

Today is Saturday, September 3rd, and it’s cold and rainy here on the eastern coast of the U.S. It’s a great day to lay in bed and catch up on rest-if you can do that of course.

I hope you enjoyed the Moon Scope from yesterday. If you didn’t read it yet, check it out. It might help you understand the current energy and why things are manifesting the way they are in your life right now.

The Moon is one of those planets whose energy can have a daily affect, and the post from yesterday talked a lot about that energy in the sign of Aries. I put a lot of emphasis on us addressing personal issues; our wants and our needs we’ve been putting off or suppressing for the benefit of those around us, however, you can only neglect yourself for so long.

The other side of that energy, requires you to pay attention to the people and conversations taking place in your life involving those you have some type of relationship with. Sometimes we let people into our lives that aren’t very good.

So, just like the energy is pressuring you to deal with those personal issues you’ve been putting off and suppressing, those who haven’t had your best interests in mind will also rise to the surface at this time. And that my friends, is just as important.


A few days ago, I made some minor improvements to the Nooz Buffet website. You might’ve noticed some of the links under the header image are different. I added a link so people don’t have to go far to see what my books are all about. Just so you know, my books were self-published. That means I paid for them. They already paid for, so when I encourage you all to buy my books, it’s not really about the money I make off of those sales, because to tell you the truth, I would have to sell A LOT of books just to break even financially.

No, there’s a deeper message there, and if you purchase my books, you’re going to learn a lot about a lot of different things. You’ll agree with some of it, and you’ll disagree with some of it. Some of it might piss you off. You might not even want to read some of the content.

That’s okay. You’re not going to read Smorgasbord and say, “wow, that was a good story.” That series is about us learning about ourselves and the world around us. It’s about making sense out of this world we live in with all this deception, and this culture that manipulates perception.

All you have to do is read them with an open mind. I’m 20 years removed from college, but more importantly, I’m 20 years removed from the culture. I conquered it and moved on from it. More and more people are doing the same thing every day.

And the question is why.

Well, ask the people who are still stuck in it. Until you conquer the culture, the culture will dictate the life you live, your thought process, and your perception, which ultimately, prevents you from reaching your higher self.

You’ll know when your around people who’ve reached their higher selves. You’ll know.

I was a C student in high school. Average at best. I was the dumb jock.

All of a sudden, I went through a transformation ten years. Now, at 42, I’m working on my fourth book and those adults who were straight A students in high school can barely hold a conversation with me.

Don’t fight it, don’t be jealous of it. Use it to learn about yourself.

I was at Dunkin last month. The line went out of the parking lot and down the street. After, on my way home, I drove past the local high school and there was a football game going on-everyone in the bleachers was holding a cup of coffee from Dunkin.

That’s the masses being guided by the culture. And that’s okay, but some of those people are going to want more some day.

Now, I’m not a priest, and I’m not a judge, but people stand up when I walk into a room. If I open the door to my kingdom an I let you in, I’m doing it so you can do whatever you want. As long as you don’t hurt other people, you’re given a pass to whatever you want because that’s the only way you’re going to learn about yourself, and discover your own unique path. That’s how you transcend the culture and reach your higher self.

If you spend your time analyzing me, or if you spend your time imitating me, making fun of me, competing with me, policing me, trying to control me, or trying to convince me that I have a problem, then you entered the kingdom for all the wrong reasons.

That’s what you came from, let all that go. Don’t bring that behavior in.

From: Smorgasbord A Collection of Thoughts Experiences and Stories:

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