Historically Speaking

After the last post I’ve on this history hunt all morning.

And down the rabbit hole we go..

1811- As it turns the modern complaints against technology aren’t the first. The first pushback against new technologies began in 1811 in England with the Luddites riots. The workers claimed machines were being used in a deceitful and fraudulent manner. The Luddites, an oath-based organization began by destroying textile machinery because they feared in the time it would take them to learn new technological skills, they would lose their craft (Pallas Athena-Goddess of wisdom, handicraft, heroism, courage, war, strategy, industry and cities).

I have to bring into perspective.

1801-Napoleon sells Louisiana to America (Louisiana Purchase) to fund his wars.

1804-Napoleon declares himself emperor of France, and his conquest begins.

1815-The British, under Duke of Wellington, finally defeat Napoleon at Waterloo.

What’s the significance of all this?

Well, this is something I discuss in my third book, Smorgasbord 3 Prophecy and Poverty during the astrological analysis of the JFK assassination, but it just came up again.


John Vernou Bouvier III was the father of Jackie Lee Bouvier, AKA, Jackie Lee Kennedy, the wife of President JFK. John Bouvier III was born in Manhattan, but his great-grandfather, Michael Charles Bouvier (1792-1874), was a French cabinet maker who emigrated to Philadelphia in 1815 after fighting in the Napoleonic Wars!

Michael Charles Bouvier worked for Joseph Bonaparte! Joseph Bonaparte was Napoleon Bonaparte’s older brother!!!!

What I’m bringing into perspective is:

  1. JFK’s assassination in 1963 was not that far removed from the formation and history of this country.
  2. JFK’s wife, Jackie was a descendant from a line of men who were friends with and war buddies of the man who sold Louisiana to this country.
  3. We always talk about the power political connections of the Kennedy family, but the real power behind the thrown was his wife’s side. Specifically, her father.

1822-A colony for freed American slaves was established in Liberia. That was 43 years before Abraham Lincoln signed Proclamation 95, also known as the Emancipation Proclamation, which freed 3.5 million slaves from ownership.

What I’m brining into perspective is:

  1. That’s 43 years before the Emancipation Proclamation
  2. And that’s 46 years after the Declaration of Independence was signed.

What people don’t realize about slavery in this country, is that the slave population that was brought here was done so at the formation of the colonies, or the colonization of North America. That was long before America claimed its independence.

People in this country are quick to slam and bash and destroy the legacies of our founders, but the 13 colonies were formed in 1607, that means whoever established colonial America, brought the slaves here. Not our founding fathers. The European Colonization of America was from 1492-1773.

Slavery was already going on here for almost 200 years.

FYI: Black history is the separation of black people from American history. That’s division by design and it’s done to muddy the waters, slow down the group, slow down progress, and to keep the bigger picture hidden. Black history month is okay to recognize the achievements of black Americans, even though, a lot of black people resent it, but it must be seen exactly for what it is. Black Americans are still Americans.

America was not built on slavery. The Declaration of Independence was signed declaring all me shall be free and equal in 1776, and the issue of slavery was being addressed all through the early formation of this country.

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