Awake For Real

What do you do? How do you get out of a cycle that’s..just not good?

Let’s say, you need help. You. You’re the one asking for help, but every one you seem to attract into your life..

needs help!

And you think to yourself, “wow, I have nothing.” You think to yourself, anyone who has something would be helpful, because I have nothing.

But, as it turns, even when you have nothing, and even when you’re asking for help, people still want to take something from you.

We live in a cold world, and people will take the fucking shirt off your back if you allow it.

There are some sick people out here; they have money, they own homes, they have children and raised their families, they have dream careers, and then, they meet you..

someone who has none of that.

And instead of helping you, they look for a psychological one up!

I love money, but I don’t give a shit about it. Fancy clothes, diamonds, jewels, cars, none of that impresses me.

I care about how you treat me. Are you respectful? Courteous? Do you treat me like a man?

For the life of James Redfield, people are seriously stuck in these control dramas, where they manipulate others for energy, empowerment, and psychological one ups. Some don’t realize it, but I do.

I’m awake. For real awake.

I know you better than you know yourself.

So, how do you get out of that cycle? At what point do people see you as someone who needs a little help, and not someone they can get something from?

How low do you have to go?

How much do you have to lose?

How poor do you have to be?

How long do you have to be homeless?

I mean, c’mon. You’re the teachers. You’re the public servants, how jealous are you? I thought your life was about helping people.

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