Manifesting, What’s the Meaning?

What does it mean to manifest?

When someone is manifesting it means they are bringing about or to fruition. In American history, you’ll often hear the term, Manifest Destiny. That was about a group of men who believed it was their divine destiny to expand the territory of the United States from coast to coast.

Manifesting on an individual level, means that a person has obtained their, purpose, destiny, or calling in this lifetime through divine contact be it visions, spoken, or symbolically deciphered. That person then dedicates their life to bringing about that, which is a divine calling.

If you look up the word Mani (mani-fest), you’ll see it means prophet. He was an Iranian prophet who founded Manichaeism, a religion inspired by Gnosticism, Buddhism, Christianity, and Zoroastrianism. Mani was born in April 216 AD, and on his seal it reads, Mani, messenger of the messiah.

Messenger of the messiah is the key phrase because that’s what the individual or group is, and the message is what they’re manifesting.

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