Why Don’t We Remember

The question keeps coming up again and again; If we lived before why don’t we remember?

That’s a great question, and I’m not going to sit here like Dr. Shelley Kaehr did on Coast to Coast, and make guesses like, we want to start with a blank slate, or we want our lives to be a fresh start. Because seriously, how would she know why I don’t remember? Like I said, this whole process is very personal. There are no generic answers.

So, why don’t we remember?

If we put aside the research I presented here on my website concerning the connection between Thoth’s conversation with the Dragon, the Book of Ezekiel, and the Essenes Book 4; that material discussed the difference between souls resting in light and souls dwelling in darkness after death. The souls that dwell in light come back with the memory.

But, put that aside for now.

My recent post, “Barbara Hand Clow, Thank You,” should help us understand a little more. When humans were alive 5,000 years ago and pretty much up until 300 AD, the community was different. An individual who was manifesting, like a lot of us are doing today, was ready for that information concerning their previously lives.

The individual, or the initiate, would manifest for the astrologer, and the astrologer had the power to look at the initiates chart and tell them their destiny for the current life. And the process went from there; people were healed from past life traumas, their chakras were prepared for Kundalini energy, and their bodies were then ready to take on higher frequencies.

So, to answer that question, why don’t we remember..

The first reason could be the soul hasn’t found the path to immortality, which puts the soul in light after death. The second reason is the most important because discovering the path to immortality was extremely difficult, is because the power to find destiny, or the individual’s purpose in this current life was taken from the astrologer. It was taken by the orthodox priesthood and the powers that be.

Right now, today, we have people manifesting, and they have no where to go and no one to help them-meanwhile, everyone around them is convincing them they’re crazy.

The power was taken from the people, modern medicine replaced homeopathic, earth based and herbal remedies, and feminine energies (intuitive) were buried.

Not everyone incarnates with Jesus’s ability to resonate at Neptunian frequency. That’s a level our souls must reach, and at one time we had the ability to help one another do just that. Long story short; we don’t remember because we are born into a system that is designed to prevent remembering. The necessary power, although it has reemerged about 45 years ago, was taken away from the public.

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