Taking This Perihelion Seriously?

Good afternoon. After all of the studying I’ve done on my own time during 2022, I came up with several correlations and discoveries. The first was Planet Sedna’s return to its perihelion, which will be the first time since approximately 9,332 BC. The interesting thing about that time is that the earth was going through a devastating flood that pretty much destroyed everything.

That’s the flood we refer to as Noah’s Flood. It is also believed that the catastrophic events that took place at that time were marked by the arrival of a strange planet sweeping through our solar ststem to orbit the sun before heading back out into darkness. According to Zechariah Sitchin and many other scholars, that planet was called Nibiru. Nibiru was believed to orbit our sun from its position inside the asteroid belt (between Mars and Jupiter, but never crossing Mars).

I did a lot of research, and I couldn’t find any information regarding Nibiru, or any planet in a 3,600-year orbit orbiting our sun from inside of the asteroid belt. In the eyes of the general population, Nibiru is just a myth, and of course, because if such a planet exists then there should be proof.

It was probably a day or two after reading Sitchin’s book, the 12th Planet, that I came across Sedna, and after studying the information available, I believed Sedna could be it. I ran my findings past a good friend of mine, Bernie Ashman, who happens to be a famous astrologer, and he said I might be on to something. So, I pursued.

The second thing I found when I went back to re-read one of my books was that flood in 9,332 BC was not the only flood. There were a series of floods, and I don’t have the exact dates in front of me right now, but the first was 10,000-something BC, the second was 9,332 BC, and another in 5,000-something BC.

How serious is all of this?

Personally, I think this meteor strike in the link above is related to Sedna’s return. It just so happens the mythology of Sedna comes to us from an indigenous population of northern Canada. Sedna will orbit the sun outside the orbit of Pluto, but that doesn’t mean it can’t send rippling waves of disruption throughout the solar system, bring in storms of rain and ice, or disrupt the earth’s magnetic field.

The most interesting thing about this is what Edgar Cayce said. Ten years ago, way before I even knew about Sedna, I read in an Edgar Cayce book that Edgar Cayce said he will reincarnate in 2100 with full awareness of his life as Edgar Cayce. He also said his life in 2100 would begin in Nebraska, which at that time, will be the west coast of the United States.

Look what’s going in California right now.


I think Sedna’s return to its perihelion in 2076 (officially in range as of 2022) cannot be dismissed.

I mean who knows, maybe all those dooms day prepper shows were trying to tell us something.

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