This Gave Me Chills Down My Left Side

I read that Mary Magdalene gave a speech or spoke to a crowd on the steps of the Temple of Diana.  Diana was said to be a Roman lunar deity.

After more studying, I realized Roman Diana was the equivalent to Greek Artemis.  Artemis was a lunar dieity and Goddess of the hunt, and Artemis was also the equivalent to Egypt’s Bestet.

Bestet was a lioness Goddess, her name in Greek translated literally to cat.

Okay, here’s the bomb.  I used to joke about my ex-girlfriends facial structure and tell her she looked like the Sphinx, that was like 12 years ago. 

There’s obviously a connection between Mary Magdalene, Diana, Artemis, and Bestet, because except for Bestet, they were all lunar deities, which means the mythology changed at some point.

This also means that as Mary is tied to Bestet, she also has a connection to the lioness.  I believe the truth here is that the Great Sphinx was created in memory of Bestet, which means that the Sphinx is the body of a lioness with a face of a woman and not a lion with the face of a man.

This goes against the male-driven narrative that we’ve been told for thousands of years, and it’s probably the reason why Egyptologists are so closed-minded and refuse to open their doors completely. A resurrection of sacred feminine energies could have an effect on religion in the Middle East.

This changes everything, and I’m not even done yet.

Toth was said to have been in possession of the Master Soul, the soul housed in the body of Christ. In simple terms, it has been said that Jesus was another reincarnation, who incarcerated in possession of the Master Soul. So, Jesus was Toth.

Why is this important? It’s important because Toth’s symbol was the Moon. Jesus was the personification of the sun/son, and Mary was a lunar deity.

The truth could, in fact, be the opposite. Mary was a Sun Goddess, and Jesus, as connected with Toth, would’ve been a Lunar or Moon God. Astrologically speaking, that means Jesus would be connected to the Moon and Cancer in the 4th house, and Mary would be connected with the sun and Leo in the 5th house.

That also means the father would be connected with the home, and the mother would be connected with 10th house issues like career and public image. In our society today, it’s the opposite. Mothers are associated with the home, and fathers are associated with work, career, and 10th house issues.

And after all of this, the biggest truth of all could, in fact, be that the daughters of man are the real Sun’s of God, and Son/Sun was just a play on words!

Think about it. The sun is the only giver. The sun gives us life. That’s what women do. Women give us new life through the birth of children.

I believe it was Hitler who said women weren’t allowed to fight in his military because women were for giving life and men for taking it.

So, now we know the mythology changed right after the fall of Egypt, and that’s what they’re preserving over there. When Greece rose to power, the roles were changed, and it stayed that way through Rome and up until today.

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