America, a Nation Divided

Can you believe this, a black national anthem was sung at this year’s superbowl?  That means we are no longer one nation under God, we’re two, and America is a nation divided.  This is not a joke, it’s not a game, and it should be seen as a serious threat to the survival of this country.

We’re talking about the National Anthem of our country.  If the system that’s in place right now is doing such a poor job accommodating the diversity of this country, then it must be changed, but this country wasn’t created for people of a specific color, or a specific origin.  

Therefore, no single race should ever be allowed to stand up and claim it as their own.  

The white people who live in this country today cannot and have not been allowed to truly enjoy what it feels like or what it means to be an American because the second they show a little pride, you call them racists, white nationalists, and members of Christian militia hate groups.

It’s time to dust off the United States Constitution and reestablish our Constitutional Republic.  The sooner we do that the sooner we can make the necessary changes.

I’m all in.

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