A Different Approach

Did you ever just feel like you needed to get a hold on time? Sometimes the pace of life is so fast, the days are here and gone before we even know it. The pages of our calendars are flipping one after another, and suddenly, we remind ourselves of the need to slow this thing down. What day is today? What month are we in, and how does what we have going on at the current time fit into the grand designs of our lives?

Well, it’s the first day of April, so I think it’s a good time. The winter left us, and our spring season began about two weeks ago. January, February, and March are gone, and we’re now looking forward to the second quarter of the year, April, May, and June.

Breaking the year down by quarters is a terrific way to plan and make goals for yourself. I like to treat the year like a football game, obviously because a football game has four quarters. Now, remember something, a lot of people blow off the belief that there’s no competition. They say, “That’s tree-hugger stuff man! Life is all about competition!”

Not everyone understands this competition thing. When we say there’s no competition, we’re aware of the self, the individual, and the I Am. You see, I might breakdown the calendar year into quarters, which makes it comparable to football, but life is not game, and I’m not playing.

So, if life is not a game, and you’re not playing, then there’s no competition. What we’re left with is a personal journey for self-discovery, self-improvement, and self-mastery. We are left with the tasks of understanding ourselves, becoming aware of how we process information and relate to those around us, and ultimately, putting our best foot forward. In simple terms, we’re trying to live our best lives. We’re trying to be the best versions of ourselves, and when you’re doing this, you’ll find out eventually that it’s impossible to achieve if you’re competing with the people around you.

Everyone is different.

There’s no competition, but just because life is not a game, and you’re not playing, that doesn’t mean you can’t have fun, laugh, hang out with friends, and go to concerts and ball games. You can! Go out and do all of that stuff. Enjoy yourself. Enjoy your life. Just remember, hanging out with friends and having a social life gives you a break from yourself. It gives you a break from the hard work you require of yourself for yourself.

Before I get into what it means to live your best life, I wanted to discuss winning and loosing. 2023 can be won, and 2023 can be lost. When the end of 2022 arrived, I sat with myself and planned for the year ahead. A new year is a fresh start. Did you win last year? Did you lose last year?

Heading into 2023, I knew what I had to do, and what I needed to change. I set goals for myself, both quarterly and annually. Now, if you’re reading this to understand, and not just skimming, then the light bulb should be flashing at this point because we’re discovering why it really makes sense to say there’s no competition. It’s because it’s about you.

If 2022 was a loss for you, then you’re going to approach 2023 in a different way. You’re going to set new goals for yourself because now you know what you need to do, and what you need to change. Achieving these new goals depends on you doing what you need to do, and making whatever changes you need to make. If you fail to act, or you’re unable to make the necessary changes, then you’ll probably fall short of achieving your goals.

And you can obviously see, none of this has anything to do with competing with others. It’s about you. It’s all about you.

In order for you to win 2023, you’ll have to win more quarters than you lose. I won the first quarter, but if you didn’t, don’t beat yourself up. The second quarter is just beginning.

So, what does it mean to live your best life? What does it mean to become the best version of yourself?

Each and every single person on this earth has a best life. Your best life sits in the center of a maze. It’s a life of fulfillment, happiness, and love. It’s a life of the highest order and of the highest good. It’s a life fitting for you only that can bring about success, fame, wealth, total ruin, and the ability to control and change the people and the environment around you.

The only way you can get to that best life, which is in the center of a maze, is by living day to day as the best version of yourself. That makes sense right?

It’s like trying to open the front door to your house with your car key. In order for you to open that door, you need the proper key.

Everyday we live, we make choices. The choices we make can help us get to where we should be. They can also slow us down, or prevent us from reaching what’s rightfully ours. This is why life is not a game, and this is why I’m not playing. 99% of what’s out here will either slow you down or prevent you from becoming the best version of yourself because the creators of our system know two things:

  1. You were born perfect.
  2. You have to be the best version of yourself to reach your best life.

Alright my friends, have a wonderful night, and a blessed Sunday.

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