Who’s The Asshole

Here’s a typical situation of what I encounter on a daily basis.

I go to Dunkin and ask for a medium coffee with cream and double sugar.

The woman behind the counter asks me if I want 6 sugars. Now, I just told her what I wanted, so it baffles me when she responds with a question.

I want double sugar, cream with double sugar.

So I asked her, “How many sugars do you normally put in a medium coffee?”

We put 3 she says.

Okay then, yeah, I guess double would be 6 then.

She looks at me like I’m an asshole, but I’m looking at her like she’s a stupid asshole because I don’t work there, and I obviously have no clue how many sugars you normally put in a medium coffee.

If you work at Dunkin and you know a medium coffee gets 3 sugars, and a customer asks for double sugar, only you know you’re putting 6 in, so why would you ask the customer?

You just forced me to say, “Yes, I want six,” and you didn’t even realize how you’re trying to control people with word play.

I understand people better than they understand themselves, and it’s painfully frustrating sometimes.

Normally, I wouldn’t respond. I would just walk away, but I wanted my coffee.

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