Hidden in Plain View

There are a few things I wanted to mention in this short but sweet post to recap and share what I’ve come across in the last several days.

The Stations of the Cross; as mentioned in a previous post, there are 14 Stations of the Cross that can be found in most churches of Western Christian, Roman Catholic, Angelican, Lutheran, and Methodist faith. They represent the route taken by Christ from the site of his judgment to the site of his crucifixion.

What we found in the First Station were the colors representing the four stages of the alchemical process; the Ethiopian boy, the color of the plate or bowl he was holding, the gryphon, and the color of Pontius Pilate’s hair.

Next, we discovered hidden symbolism representing Ganymede/ Aquarius as the Cup Holder or Water Bearer as he held the bowl of water that Piolate would wash his hands with.

This, in my opinion, is a tremendous discovery as it links the crucifixion of Jesus to the alchemical process of turning lead to gold (which could, in itself, be a symbolic representation of purification), and because it also magnifies the importance of the role of Aquarius. With so much going on at that time, with the judgment and condemnation of Jesus, you would have to consider anything placed within that imagery to be of some great importance.

Switching gears; Jupiter Icy Moon Explorer, aka JUICE, is an interplanetary spacecraft that was launched on April 14, 2023, by the ESA. The plan for this mission is to study the three Galilean Moons of Jupiter, Ganymede, Callisto, and Europa.

April 14th is approximately the exact time we discovered Pluto on the doorstep of Aquarius. With Pluto looping in and out of retrogrades over the next year before finally going direct to begin a 20-year transit through the astrological sign Aquarius, I find this mission’s timing and overall plan fascinating and precisely the type of thing we can expect to see over the next 20 years.

Aquarius is the zodiac’s sign that represents the future and space, but even more, this mission involves two key characters from the Aquarius origin story, Jupiter/Zeus and Ganymede/Aquarius. I didn’t have a chance to meditate and contemplate on it yet, but for a brief moment last night, I thought to myself, is the origin story about Ganymede, Aquarius, and Zeus a story with hidden meaning that’s actually in some way explaining how Jupiter captured its Moon Ganymede within its orbit?

Alright, my friends, enjoy your moon-day! 🤣🤣

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