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February 27, 2023 Edition

Wow, so, unbelievably there’s one day left in February! I can’t even believe we’re headed into March already. Despite what I thought, 2023 isn’t a leap year, but that’s okay. I’m not sure if you guys were aware of this, but when it came to precision with numbers, mathematics, and science, the native tribes of Mexico and the America’s were the people to see.

I know, it’s shocking, especially when we consider all the contributions, discoveries, and inventions passed on from the ancients of Egypt and Greece, and of course the Romans, but for some reason, they all struggled with calculating the exact length of a calendar year. I’m not sure if it actually was the Mayans or a civilization before, but one of them knew the answer. Somehow they knew it was necessary for them to add one day to the 365-day year once every four years. That’s how we got our leap year and the precise length of a 365.25 day calendar year.

🌨 This year, it was reported yesterday, actually, that Southern California had over 5 inches of rain in some parts and 6 feet of snow in others. The National Weather Service called this storm one of the strongest ever to hit the area. When a region experiences weather patterns for the first time, it’s important.

πŸ‘§ Meet Venus Girl, aka 594913 Aylochaxnim. Venus Girl is a large near-earth asteroid that was discovered on the 11th degree of Aquarius on January 4, 2020. It’s the first of its kind having its orbit completely inside that of Venus. Approximately, Aylo has an orbital period of 151 days.

πŸ•“ Let’s turn back the clock and look at this day, 2/27, in history. New Orleans held its first Mardi Gras celebration in 1861, Chile had a massive earthquake in 2010 that measured and 8.8 and killed 500, English physicists, James Chadwick, discovered the Neutron, Henry Wadsworth Longfellow was born in 1807, and Chelsea Clinton was born in 1980.

🌍 Live Science dot com just reported the discovery of a Sumerian temple estimated to be 4,500 years old in southeastern Iraq (ancient Girsu).

πŸ› Four days ago, R. Kelly received fedtime, a 20-year sentence that could keep him behind bars until he’s 80!

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A Special Time

Here we are, 26 days into the new year, and in five more days, it will be February. February has also been a special month for me. Of course, it’s my birthday month, and for Aquarians in general, but there’s more.

February is the month with the least amount days; it’s unique and stands out from all the rest because it has only 28 days, and because of this, it’s the only month that receives a very special additional day (29) once every four years when there’s a leap year.

February is also black history month, Valentine’s Day is on the 14th, and President’s Day is on the 21st. I don’t know if you’re aware of this, but Valentine was an actual person; he was a Saint, Bishop, and Martyr. Saint Valentine was born in the early 200s AD, I think, and he lived in the area of Italy during the Roman Empire.

Famous people born in February:

Gertrude Stein February 3, 1874, Rosa Parks February 4, 1913, Laura Ingalls Wilder February 7, 1867, Thomas Edison February 11, 1846, Charles Darwin February 12, 1809, Galileo Galilei February 15, 1564, George Washington February 22, 1732, Elizabeth Taylor February 27, 1932, Ice-T February 16, 1958, Ashton Kutcher February 7, 1978, Michael Jordan February 16, 1963, Chris Rock February 7, 1965. and the list goes on and on for a very log time.

February is the last full month of winter, and it is also considered the month of purification! When you have some free time, take a look at all the famous people who were born under the same astrological sign as you. It gives a little guidance and a little insight into what abilities and talents you might have as well.

Alright my friends, have a wonderful evening.