Current Studies; the Perfect Imperfection

Hello, and good morning my beloved. 😉 Right now, I’m involved in a deep investigation that centers around Libra, the seventh sign of the zodiac. What prompted this you might wonder? Well, I noticed a difference between the Libra we all know and understand from astrology, and the Libra from within the context of astronomy.

I mentioned several times that astrology is part of the reason why the more important information contained in Libra is unknown and hidden, and this may or may not be on purpose. I know it’s fun to jump to the conclusion that a secret group has been hiding all this relevant information from us, and as true as that might be sometimes, I think information, if not properly preserved and passed on, can get buried and forgotten over time.

What I discovered during my studies, is when we look at, contemplate on, and consider Libra in its position on the ecliptic (astronomy), we begin to understand “The Scales” in a completely different way. It’s not only a center point providing balance and harmony, but it’s a transition point and an open door to the past and present moment.

From the numbers alone, something jumps out at us.

If you have 12 of something, in this case we’re talking about zodiac signs, they can be split in half; a perfect split or separation of 6 and 6. So, in astrology Libra is the seventh sign, but it’s the 7th of 12, and it belongs to the second group of six lining up with its polar opposite, Aries.

But if you have 13 of something, in this case, which is astronomy and we’re talking about constellations, we can no longer make a perfect split because we’re dealing with an odd number. When you’re dealing with an odd number, there will always be a standout center. The interesting thing here is that Libra is still the 7th sign, but it’s now the 7th of 13. In this scenario, Libra is the perfect imperfection, and it takes its rightful place in the center to provide balance with six on one side and six on the other.

Once we get to this point, everything begins to unfold because we’ve made the proper alignment. Eventually, we realize all the secrets, all the meaning, and real true purpose of our seventh zodiac sign has been hidden simply by it’s placement as a zodiac sign in astrology. Instead of standing out, it was apart of the group, and over time, our scale got lost in the shuffle.

Getting lost in the shuffle it did, but Libra was always easy to find. After all, Libra was the only object in the zodiac-everything else was either an animal, a human, or a mythological creature.

Truth be told, you’re going to love the information uncovered during this study that leads us all the way back to the Egyptian Book of the Dead.

From Sirius with love

Have a wonderful Sunday everyone!