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October 26, 2022

I’m making this video because my book sales stopped showing up on my sales report on my Fulton Books author webpage. This issue about sales from the beginning of this year, 2022, and I’m not upset but I’m growing impatient.

I feel like when I brought this issue to the attention of the right people during the summer, it should’ve been resolved then, but here we are three months later and I’m resubmitting proof I already submitted in August.

I’m going to be persistent and I’m not going to let this issue go unresolved.

A Must Share

The book is titled, Legal Guidelines For Unlicensed Practitioners, and it was written by Dr. Lawrence Wilson. Thank you so much Dr. Wilson. I truly believe this book was a God Send, and I believe its ending up in my hands was meant to be.

What’s makes it so good is that it’s not directly about law and the constitution, but rather touches on those topics for other reasons, like becoming an unlicensed practitioner. It’s simple, very clear, and to the point.

I think all Americans should have the contents of this book in their possession.

Table Seven Nooz Show Available on YouTube

Several months ago we decided to do a news show to go along with the blog here at For your convenience, I would love to publish the Table Seven Nooz Show right here on the blog, but apparently, there isn’t enough space for me to do that.

The show itself is coming along as I’m putting a little more effort and preparation into it. We just published the Table Seven Nooz Show Session 8,” and you can watch that now on YouTube. The Table Seven Nooz Show Session 9 will be up and available for you to watch on my YouTube page in November.

Please, like and subscribe to my YouTube page. The link is below, thank you.

Session 8