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     Recently I took interest in Neptune mainly because of its approximate 14-year stay in astrological houses and signs.  It’s fun when planets hang around for a while because it’s easier to examine trends.

     Anyways, to my surprise there was an article recently published in the USA Today that discussed a recent discovery of a new tiny moon, Hippocamp, orbiting Neptune.  It’s Neptune’s smallest moon measuring 21 miles in diameter.  How about that?  That’s the 14th moon now known to be in Neptune’s orbit.

     In case you weren’t outside today, it was absolutely gorgeous here in the Lehigh Valley.  Around 2 o’clock my phone said 46 degrees, but it felt more like 65 in the sun.  I walk, and today was the first time in a while that I was able to leave my scarf and gloves at home.  Not bad for February.

     The 76ers are still in 5th place in the Easteen Conference.  Currently they’re tied with the 4th place Boston Celtics, both are 37-21.  Tonight the 76ers play the Miami Heat at 7 o’clock.

Have A Good Night

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