Table Seven Seeking Change For “At Will Clause” 2

Hello everyone, how are you doing today?  This is obviously part 2, or the next in a series of updates regarding the “At Will” clause here in Pennsylvania.

Update:  The truth about “At Will” is that your employers (bosses, managers, supervisors, etc., can fire you without a reason, if you aren’t contracted.

The problem with At WIll, is that more often than not, you are getting fired a reason.  A manager, boss, etc., may have a problem with female employees for example, and decide to fire them.  He/she can never get in any legal trouble for violating federal laws against discrimination in the workplace because…

hey, it was “At Will’.  No reason at all.  I just felt like firing her.

This is what we should, as a community and state seek to remove.

Even if you are working at a local food store without a contract, you should never lose your job without reason.

But….if you’re….

Habitually late?- okay.

Not showing up?- okay

Stealing?- okay.

Damaging property?- Okay.

Physically Assaulting a co-worker or boss?- okay.

How about this one?  “At Will” works both ways too.  You as an employee can leave a place of employment without reason.  That’s right.  Walk right out.  You’re covered just like the employer is, but how many employers held your feet to the fire for making that decision, and said you weren’t rehirable because of job abandonment?   They always find ways to put the employee at a disadvantage, and keep people who they want, without a job.

I think it’s a good idea to start a petition.  Maybe, get out there on the streets, start a petition, and have whoever agrees, sign it, and then we mail it in.

Write in Pennsylvania, or anyone who wants help with this.  Let me know what you’re thinking.

Alright.  Have a good day.  It is a Monday, but we’ll get through it.  We always do.

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