Planet Murcury Going Retro

Today, Tuesday, February 4th, the closest planet to the sun, Murcury, goes into Pisces.  It will continue its forward motion in that sign until the 17th, where at 12 degrees it will begin its retrograde.

Murcury will stay retrograde until March 10th, where it will have retraced its steps all the way back to the 28th degree of Aquarius.  On March 10th it will go direct and stay direct until June 18th.

This is the first of three retrograde periods for Murcury in 2020, the second of course will start on June 18th, and the third will begin on October 18th and go sometime into 2021.  Murcury is the smallest planet with an orbital period of about 88 days.

Astrologically speaking, Murcury spends about 7 days in each sign.  It is the ruling planet of both Virgo and Gemini, and it’s exalted in Virgo and Aquarius.  Murcury also rules over Wednesday.

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