Lyft-Don’t Get Beat

Let me start this conversation in this manner:

I have nothing bad to say about Lyft, its service, or its drivers.  I’m a 5-star rider, and never had any issues with anyone or anything.

Recently, I was on a ride where I added a stop.  When I got to the first destination, which was a store, I ran in to pick something up, but when I returned to the vehicle, my app said the ride ended.  The problem is that I was charged for a double destination ride, but I was never driven to the second stop.

So, I had to call lyft again, and pay another fee to catch a ride to the destination that I added to the first ride.

Here’s my advice to you as a rider:  If you have to add an additional stop to a ride, do it as soon as you get into the car.  Don’t wait until you reach the first destination.  If you forget to add the stop, and you arrive at your first destination, get out of the car, and order another ride.

That situation aside, my experience with Lyft over the years has been awesome.  I haven’t driven a vehicle of my own since 2014, so Lyft has been extremely beneficial.  There was even a situation one time where I switched my payment method but forgot to update the App.  Lyft still took me to my destination, and of course I had to update the App. for the next ride but still….they didn’t make a big deal out of an honest mistake.

Okay y’all, you know this blog is all about what’s happening in real life.  We stand behind our slogan, Table Seven “where real discussions take place,” and we hope you appreciate our hard work and honesty.  Have a wonderful evening!


Thank you Pixabay@ PEXELS.COM for the photo.

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