The Moon-I don’t Friggin Know

There are lot of people that believe the moon landing was a hoax, and the reason why they believe this is because of the Van Allen Radiation Belt.  Supposedly, the Earth and the Moon is separated by a belt of radiation that would kill anyone traveling through it before they even reached the end.

How could we get to the Moon if we can’t survive the radiation ride?

Despite that, our astronauts went there.  The purpose of this article is not to dispute any of this information or take sides in this argument, but rather to share some information that I stumbled across in my new book, “Who Made The Moon?”

When our astronauts returned from the Moon, they brought back moon rocks, and according to “Who Made The Moon,” the oxygen isotope signatures of Moon rocks are identical with those of rocks from earth.  Wow!

The only way this could be possible is if Moon rocks and Earth rocks originated at the same distance from the Sun!

I don’t know what to make of that, but what if the Moon was a like a hollow gastly body that sat within the Earth until being separated one day?

You might laugh at this, but what if the Sun, Earth, and the Moon were like an egg at one poi in time.  The Moon was the shell, the Sun was the yolk, and Earth was the egg white….and then someone or something broke it open?

LMAO, IDK!  I’m struggling with all this, but it’s my love and passion so I have tolerance for it.

If those rocks from Earth and the Moon have the same oxygen isotope signature than the Earth and the Moon obviously at one point occupied the same space at a specific distance from the Sun.

“Old Lady Science, you gotta hold on tight cause she bucks pretty hard.”

-Morty Smith

5 thoughts on “The Moon-I don’t Friggin Know

      1. Frank. This is tara you’re talking to! I ALWAYS have reasons. I am a researcher and an analyst.

        By the way, did you know the time has expired on the JFK documents being classified? You can read the real evidence. Did you know that the “x-ray” was two images superimposed? (Bullet in the body) It’s really obvious to us now because of how far technology has come. But for the time, it was fairly decent work. Though it’s one reason it was classified, because it didn’t fool everyone.

        Well, the “moon photos” are exactly the same. They were clearly staged AND doctored. That’s just ONE reason.

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  1. 🤣🤣 I did not know that about the JFK investigation. I also did not know you were a research analyst, I thought you just wrote adult erotica, and poetry, but hey, we learn new things everyday. Thanks for responding. 💕💞


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