In Response


I was just reading through the Morning Call’s Letters and Opinion sections today as I usually do, because I think it’s really interesting to hear what people in and around the community have to say.

Sometimes it’s humorous, but I know people are upset.

I wanted to reply to the article titled, Institutional Racism Exists Today.  

Jack W. Paul (We don’t even know if that’s his real name) wrote:

Blacks have been economically handicapped by being precluded from accumulating capital until fairly recently and have been denied comparable educational opportunities, initially due to “separate but equal,” and now school funding arrangements.

In addition:

If racism is to be defeated, whites need to acknowledge their complicity in this evil practice and begin meaningful reform.

I graduated from William Paterson University in 2003, and I also attended Kean University in 2005.

I think using the phrase “denied comparable educational opportunities” is not only inaccurate, but demeaning to the wonderful job that both of those schools and others like them have done to ensure people of all races and ethnic backgrounds get an education.

Also, I don’t know why you say “whites need to acknowledge.”  You say it as if only white people are prejudice, and that was offensive.  I’m not.

Yes, our country does have its fair share of racist and prejudice people, but I think we’ve made some real progress.  The NFL as of 2020 was 70% black.  The NBA as of 2015 was 74% black.

Let’s not forget real change and real progress doesn’t happen overnight, and running to the government is never the answer.  In times like we’re in right now, I think everyone needs to look within.

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