Amazing Coincidence!

Last night I reconnected with an old friend, and we talked on the phone for hours, almost until the sun came up. Finally, in a desperation attempt to salvage a few hours of sleep, I had to force myself off the phone. This morning when I woke up, I noticed a utility vehicle parked on my street.

What I found most interesting, was the license plate on this truck was from the same state as the girl who I just got off the phone with not even five hours ago. I still haven’t figured out yet if this is all just coincidence, or purposefully designed.

Think about this. You live in New Jersey, and you spend all night on the phone with someone from Idaho, then you wake up three hours later and there’s a truck from Idaho parked on your street pretty much in front of your house, and a man is doing underground utility work. Strange? You better believe it.

Anyway, I probably should at this point, give the company a little publicity.

USIC is an underground utility location and damage prevention company, and they’re located in King of Prussia, Pennsylvania. Why their trucks have Texas license plates I do not know, but they are located in PA.

According to the man working on the street, “It’s a fleet thing.”

Okay, whatever that means.

I remember getting a ticket when I was driving in New Jersey with Pennsylvania license plates, but apparently it’s okay for certain companies to do it, and get away with it.

Um, no buddy, I think it’s an insurance thing, but I digress.

I actually wanted to interview the worker, and do an in depth story on USIC, but he said he needed permission to do that. I don’t know, apparently, workers at USIC have taken a vow of silence?


Alright everyone, have a good day!

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