Why was the cat mad?  What was wrong with mad cat?  Finally, someone caught up with Don, and they asked him.  “What’s bothering you?”

I’m bitter.  I’m upset.  I f***in’ hate you because I knew what I was doing, and I knew what I wanted, but you made none of it available to me.  You deprived me for your personal amusement.  You gave me eyes to see, but when I needed them most, you turned the lights off.  You made me go the long way, even though I had a shortcut because you didn’t believe in shortcuts.

I learned lessons as a child, but you made me relearn them as an adult.  You wasted my time-my precious time, and the years passed by.  Those years, I’ll never get back.  I’ll never be that age again.  Like death, I was dead to the world.  I’m so angry because you took something from me you can never replace.  Time!  Now you have to tread lightly.

While I try to forgive, and while I’m trying to forget and move on, please stay away.  I’m mad cat, and I’m really mad.

“Donahue, it’s me, God.  Relax man. I got something planned for us. I’m going to take you to the French Quarter.”

The End


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