Something Isn’t Right

“Thank you for applying with our company, but unfortunately, at this time we’ve decided to move forward in the interview process with candidates whose qualifications are a better fit for what we’re looking for.”

Okay, that’s fine. I understand that I’m not going to get every job I apply for on the internet, but how can this be the answer 99% of the time?

If I’m not qualified, then who is? What skills and qualifications do they have that I don’t? Sometimes, I’m so qualified for a position I’m applying to, that I wonder if the actual company even read my cover letter and resume. I feel like if they did, they definitely wouldn’t have passed up on me, but this seems to be the trend. I’ll apply to a company, and then, the next day I’ll go for a walk, and the companies vehicles are driving past me beeping the horn. Are you kidding me?

Do I apply to jobs to make other people feel good? Why am I always on the outside looking in? I don’t know, but I’m starting to think about something.

Monster, Career Builder, Indeed, Linked In, and so on, are all third party job placement “internet companies.” Who actually works at these companies, and where has my private and professional information been going the last seventeen years?

If a company turns you down from a job, then someone should contact you directly and tell you why. Not only that, they should wish you luck on your job search and offer some type of information or advice on how you can land your next job so your not applying to a thousand different places.

If you use any of these websites to find jobs, write in and let me know what you’ve been experiencing. I’d like to know if your experiences have been similar to mine, or different.

Have a wonderful day!

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