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🤷‍♂️Vice President, Kamala Harris has been pretty much MIA. I don’t think I’ve seen her in the news since Biden took office. When she finally emerges, her speech has to do with comparing Republicans to Alabama State Troopers in the 1960s? C’mon Kamala. (Some people are just stuck) What a shame.

💲Hello? Hello? Gas is over $4 per gallon! Is anyone listening?

🏀Lebron James just scored 56 points in the Laker’s game against the Warriors. James is now the first player in NBA history to have a 50 point + game before turning 21 and after the age of 35!

😮People are a little uncomfortable with Kanye West’s video for his song Eazy featuring The Game. The video shows Kanye kidnapping Kim Kardashian’s new boyfriend Pete Davidson and burying him alive in some deserted location. (You know he’s missing dat ass) Chill Ye.

🏈Baylor’s WR, Tyquan Thornton ran the fastest 40-yard dash in NFL Combine history; a 4.21! Ohio State WR, Chris Olave, ran a 4.26!

NCAA 🏈Well they said it was a possibility, and it happened. Arizona State’s QB, Jayden Daniels transferred to LSU. (I know Herm Edwards is pissed, he has to be!)

♓Tonight, as we speak, the sun 🌞 is resting on the 16th degree of Pisces, and the moon🌔 is on the 9th degree of Taurus ♉. Mars and Venus are STILL together in conjunction! They’re both on the 0 degree of Aquarius moving into the 4th house of roots and family. Wow, if ever there was a time to meet someone special-now is the time! A relationship written in the stars.

🌤I don’t know what the weather was like in your part of the country, but Pennsylvania had a spring time teaser today. Tomorrow, temperatures will reach the 70s.

Alright everyone, have a wonderful evening, and a blessed return to your work week.

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