You Can’t Do That

“Five people own 50% of the wealth in America, and Amazon’s founder Jeff Bezos is one of them. Amazon is an American company sold out to the political, social, and economic philosophies of Socialism, which is why it operates in the tyrannical way it does. There’s no room for the individual there.”

It’s really interesting, what we wake up thinking about sometimes. Almost a year has passed now since my employment with Amazon, and I can’t help but think how my experiences from my last day there are so perfectly aligned with what’s going on today in general, especially online.

If you remember the story, I was walking back into work after my third and final break of the day. It was the height of tyranny with COVID protocols, and the socialist sellout companies like Amazon were (and some still are) all about forcing people to cover their mouths and noses.

The news about Dr. Anthony Fauci’s emails were just released to the public, and for the first time, since COVID began, people, through the Freedom of Information Act were finally getting the truth about the ineffectiveness of masks. No mask will prevent you from catching COVID-19.

So, after break, I came walking back into work without a mask. My rational behind that was since Dr. Anthony Fauci is the same person everyone listened to in the beginning, they would do the same now. This is great right? We just found out the source of COVID protocols has been lying to the American people. We no-longer need to wear these face diapers! Right?


After scanning into the building, I walked through the turnstile, and while I was passing the COVID enforcement station, the woman sitting behind the desk told me I needed to take a mask.

And I said, “Well, I haven’t been wearing a mask for the last three days, didn’t you see the news about the masks being ineffective against the prevention of COVID??”

Her passive threat, “If you don’t like your job here you can leave.”

So, that’s what started it, and when I asked to make a complaint about this woman’s blatant threat, I was lied to and told there was no such form even though I had filled out one before.

Management arrived at that time, and all they were interested in doing was silencing me and getting me out of the building.

They denied me the opportunity to fill out the employee complaint form, and they threatened to call the cops on me for trespassing, even though I was still an employee at the time. At one point, a manager ordered the security guard to physically remove me from the building. You can’t do that, and he didn’t.

Eventually, I left on my own, but I learned something that day. People laugh when they hear big tech giants taking over, collusion with government, etc. That’s all true, and there’s an untouchable attitude held by the employees who work there at Amazon.

If you speak up, you’ll get threatened, lied to, silenced, and possibly, physically assaulted. The sad thing is that if I was attacked that day and the cops did show up because of it, I guarantee you, I would’ve been the one in trouble. They would’ve lied of course.

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