Reclaiming America; why it matters


Where did it go wrong? Some people say it hasn’t, while others say as soon as it started. But lets say the United States of American was created with sincerity. Lets say we weren’t set up for failure. If we weren’t, then I’m going give you my opinion, which might actually be the truth, of exactly when we screwed up.

Most people don’t know we screwed up because they don’t know where we came from. If you’ve never seen paradise then how would you know what you’re missing?

This is not a conspiracy theory.

December 23, 1913, is when the Federal Reserve Bank was created, this bank has nothing to do with the Federal Government, it’s privately owned. Deception #1.

This bank gave the United States the ability to print money at will. Printing money at will! Think about how different your life would be if you could print your own money. Since the creation of the Federal Reserve, it has always been the plan and hope of its creators, that the Federal Reserve would somehow come to control, and have power and influence over the lives of Americans in the United States.

But they didn’t have it at first. Control, power, and influence over the U.S. is something it would have to work towards.



The Federal Government is our Government. It shares power with local and State governments. The U.S. Constitution is a contract between the people, and the Federal Government. Out of that contract a Constitutional Republic was created. We delegated certain rights to the Federal Government, and we kept some.

There was a fine line here. We had to elect officials, and put them in power over us, while ensuring that power didn’t corrupt them, which would lead to our demise. So, there was a balance, and certain rights, the Federal Government couldn’t infringe upon if we as citizens were to maintain our freedom and liberty.



How does the Federal Government have the money to help us? Well, the people would work and a portion of their money would be taxed federally. The Federal Government would operate on the revenue generated.

Don’t forget, an evil temptation was seeded (the Federal Reserve Bank). As long as elected officials within the Federal Government had some type of relationship with the owners of the Federal Reserve Bank, they could have money printed.

The Federal Government could borrow money from the Reserve, and create jobs for American citizens, but this isn’t helping the American economy, and it’s undermining the power and control the American people have over the Federal Government.

That was the problem the creators of the Reserve had. They had to find a way or an opening. They needed an opportunity to capitalize on if they were to implement the Federal Reserve as the dark power that controlled the U.S.

Oh, they had one other problem. A big problem actually. The United States currency was backed by the value of gold. So, they couldn’t just keep printing money. The gold standard prevented this. If the United States had one-million dollars in currency, then it had to be convertible to one-million dollars of gold. The Gold Standard prevented the corruption of our monetary system.



The Federal Reserve had its first opportunity roughly 14 years after its creation. The United States received immense rainfall in 1926, and the Mississippi flooded in 1927. The damage from the flood was staggering, and it covered a vast amount of acreage.

Three years later, it had its second opportunity when the Stock Market collapsed. The Federal Government extended a hand to the American people by creating almost 20-three letter agencies to deal with both problems. How did they have all that money?

In the 1940’s, President FDR suspended the Gold Standard. The Federal Reserve had their wish come true. Direct involvement with the American economy, and the ability to print money at will. Nixon had an opportunity to return to the Gold Standard, but he put the final nail in the coffin.



Why does reclaiming America matter? It doesn’t matter unless you’re interested in knowing what it’s truly like to be a citizen in this country. If you want to experience the birth right you’re entitled to as an American citizen, then you’re going to want to assist in reclaiming our country, and reviving the Constitutional Republic.

The challenge for those who are interested is to stop running to the Federal Government. Stop giving the Federal Government permission to infringe on our rights. Petition to have removed all laws, institutions, and agencies that were implemented even though they were unconstitutional. Petition to have the U.S. dollar backed by gold or something. One of powers we had over the Federal Government besides the fact that we created it and established a contract with it, was that we paid it. It was serving our best interest. Now, it serves the Federal Reserve Bank and their private interests.

We didn’t lose our country, we lost control of our Federal Government. It’s corrupted and no longer serving the people.


The End

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