Connecting Dots

I just came across an article published on archeotips dot com, and written Tufan Akbay. In this article, Akbay explains that archeologists have uncovered a statue approximately 1,300-years-old.

The statue represents the head of a Mayan god in southeast Mexico. The excavating took place in Palenque, a Mayan city-state near Mexico’s Chiapas Usumacinta River. Akbay further explains that the artifact, which was of a head, symbolized the birth of the maize plant with the first rays of the sun.

What’s the importance of this find?

Well, why would the Mayan people bury their own gods? The answer is they wouldn’t. That statue was buried on purpose by someone who didn’t want other people to see it.

Who would do that?

Here’s how WIKIPEDIA defines maize:

Maize (/meɪz/ MAYZZea mays subsp. mays, from Spanishmaíz after Tainomahiz), also known as corn (North American and Australian English), is a cereal grain first domesticated by indigenous peoples in southern Mexico about 10,000 years ago.[

In May of 1996, an author named Colin Wilson was in Edinburgh (UK I believe), and he and his wife were invited to lunch by a man named Jim Macaulay, who is the uncle of British Author, Graham Hancock. To make a long story short, Macaulay took them to Rosslyn Chapel.

Rosslyn Chapel was a church built by the Templars in the mid-fifteenth century, more than 100 years after the Templars were arrested by Phillip the Fair. If the French Templars were arrested in 1307, then this church was built sometime in the early to mid 1400s.

So Joy, Collin’s wife asks Macaulay what was so special about Rosslyn Chapel, and his response was, “Well, there’s a sculpture of a corncob-about half a century before Columbus discovered America.”

We all know by common sense alone that Columbus couldn’t have discovered America because it was already inhabited. The point is, we were told he did discover America.

The fact that the corncob was present on the chapel proved that someone had already visited north America, south America, and Mexico, way before Columbus was credited with the discovery, and whoever it was, returned to Scotland to build the church.

Rosslyn Chapel is a Christian chapel of gothic design, but almost half of its decorations were pagan! There’s a pagan figure known as the Green Man everywhere along with various kinds of vegetation, and flowers and fruits.

They said the Mayan people just disappeared around 800 AD. C’mon. How can a whole civilization disappear?

This was way before airplanes, so it took time to sail the sea.

What this tells me is:

An invading army funded probably by Catholic Monarchs, left either Spain, the UK, or Scotland, or probably all three. They were more than likely Templars, they could’ve even been the French Templars.

If 800 AD is an accurate date for the Mayan’s disappearance, then this invading army left their homeland sometime in the early 700’s. They reached the Mexican and South American areas where the Mayans lived, and eventually invaded. Those who didn’t want to die and would rather submit, were converted to Christianity.

The invading army burned all their books, killed the rebellious ones, and then burned and buried as much of their culture as they could. Then, the French Templars returned home with tremendous wealth and eventually were the target of a jealous King and an envious Pope.

The Templars left France and headed for Scotland, where they would build the Rosslyn chapel with all the Mayan decorations on it in the 1400’s.

And then Columbus was given the credit for discovering America because they couldn’t reveal who really went there because whoever got there before him, exterminated an entire civilization.

The fact the the statue was just uncovered, reinforces the time we’re in. It’s a time, and they say, when all the wrongs will be corrected, and the truth will come to light. The discovery of the maize god head was not a coincidence.

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