Connecting With Nature

There is so much beauty in nature. I can’t figure it out, maybe it’s because I’m moving so fast, but I can’t believe how much is right in front of me-and I’m oblivious to it.

I took a half hour this afternoon to do a standing meditation in quiet secluded corner of the park. I took my sneakers and socks off, and took a few deep breaths before zoning out in a concentrated gaze. I could feel my body relax and loosen up.

All of a sudden things become noticeable, like how the rays of the sun slice through the trees and shine down on particular portions of the field or the flowers. The longer I stand there, the more I hear; the birds chirping, the squirrels quarreling in the bushes, crickets, and so much more.

The longer I stand there the more I see; the bees, the spider webs spun on tree branches, all the birds of different colors, how green the grass is. All the life and all the beauty, it’s all there.

Before I packed it in, I decided to stretch a little, and when I bent down to touch my toes, there was a heart-shaped leaf on the top of my foot.

We are loved, we truly are.

A Sign from Nature
(Love, Pleasure, Confidence & Strength of Will)

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