Every cute occurrence you blew off:
Positivity, nope- you'd rather scoff.

Every joke was ignored;
You were bored.

When I thought I was being funny, I wasn't,
When I got upset you said, you mustn't.

Nothing was right, everything was wrong,
Fake smiles were fun, but not for so long.

In denial-I carried on,
But every great morning was just blah blah blah. 

All out of tricks so I thought it was serious,
Confused by the mood and this change so mysterious 

Maybe it was me, but it wasn't unusual
At times of uncertainty I just needed approval.

But I couldn't get that, 
and as a matter of fact,

You stayed persistent until you were sure,
I had given up fun and just closed my door.

Then it all changed. 

While I'm down in misery,
You're suddenly happy and smiling considerably.

All I remember is us laughing together, 
But I guess brining me down is what makes you feel better.  

And you have the nerve to ask me what's wrong,
or tell me I'm different and I've been for so long. 

Awe, why aren't you happy, you seem really quiet, 
Is everything okay, you're never this silent.

I'm not sad and I don't have depression, 
But you'll get offended if I answered your question. 

How do I explain the events that transpired?   
If you really don't know you'll just say I'm a liar.

But you know-and I've said all I can say,
Your play for control keeps ruining the day.



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