A Nodal Nightmare?

For those who aren’t familiar and/or disconnected from astrology circles, I just saw the Dragon’s Tail is not only in the 1st House, but in Scorpio as well!

Most of us are familiar with the Moon-we know it orbits the Earth. As it orbits our planet, is does so on an angle. The Moon has two nodal points, the north node and the south node.

The Moon’s nodes mark the point where the Moon’s orbit crosses the Sun’s path on the ecliptic. I call them X-points, but;

The north node represents the point at which the Moon ascends in its orbit, and the south node is the point where the Moon descends in its orbit. North node=going up. South node=going down.

The ancients envisioned a dragon in the heavens, and they named the north node, Caput Draconis, which is Latin for Dragon’s Head, and the south node, Cauda Draconis, which is Latin for Dragon’s Tail.

Geomancers will throw out a chart and end a personal reading if the Dragon’s Tail, or south node happens to fall in the first house. They say it’s ill-fated and terribly unlucky. And they might be on to something.

After conducting my own research, I found the Moon’s south node in the 1st house on April 4, 1968, in the assassination chart of MLK. Coincidental? I don’t know, but there was an article published online today on the site, The Conversation, that said the Earth’s magnetic field could be disturbed today by solar flares.

This is all so interesting to me-considering tomorrow is July 22nd. Remember when I published that article about July 22nd? I didn’t make any predictions, but I said to myself, let me share with my readers what lined up for me on the 22nd just in case something strange happens like a resurrection or a rapture. LOL, hey, I didn’t want anyone saying, “You could’ve saved us but you didn’t say anything.” So I did. I told you about how the Fibonacci numbers lined up with certain days on the calendar, and how those days could be important from a biblical perspective.

The crazy thing is that Scorpio, the sign the south node is in currently, is the sign of death, birth, rebirth, resurrection, and transformation. I had no idea this was going to line up this way because I was focusing on the location of MakeMake.

The 1st house is the house of self, and Scorpio is the sign of death and resurrection! Incredible. Keep your eyes open-LOL-for the rest of the night, tomorrow, and tomorrow night too.

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