What’s the Universe Trying to Tell Me?

Okay, you know the story behind the picture below. I flipped my curtains up on the rod to prevent them from blocking the air conditioner in my window, and the curtains formed a triangle that the morning sun ended up rising into the middle of.

Then, the next day I went out and parked my car on this side street. When I crossed the street and looked back at my car I saw this in the window behind it.

Then, I was sitting at my desk. I bent down to put my socks on, and when I glanced back at my computer, I saw this glare on the screen made from the light that was on in my closet.

And finally, I was dusting the night table next to my bed, and something was nudging me to look at the book on it. I saw this.

So, what is it? What message is the universe trying to convey through triangles?

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