Sol and Luna Coming Together

I thought this conjunction between the Sun and the Moon in the astrological sign of Leo was interesting. Theses luminaries are separated by just 2 degrees, and they’re in the 8th house. When two planets share the same degree or come within a certain distance of each other, we call it a conjunction. The closer they are the stronger the energetic blend.

The best way to start this analysis is by going directly to the 8th house ruler, Pluto. Pluto wants transformation. He wants us to investigate and dig for the truth so it can be brought to the surface. Through Capricorn in the 1st house, Pluto is grounded, sensical, and dependable. He’s going to chip away little by little and consistently until the self is perfected.

In the 8th house, the zone Pluto rules, we find other people’s property, death, birth, reincarnation, resurrection, and transformation. This area also holds information pertaining to inheritances. These issues are serious, and some of them, we don’t even want to talk about. Pluto is in the first house to remind us that those 8th house issues, are not only apart of life, but they’re an integral part of who we are.

Pluto will be the driving force behind you facing the truth about yourself concerning sex, death, rebirth and resurrection, and birth. There’s a lot of mystery surrounding Pluto, and that’s because of the issues he rules over. When Pluto is in the first house the world and the people around you might not understand you-they might see you as a bit of a mystery. But if that’s true then that’s how you see yourself, and because of that, you’re projecting uncertainty. The self must be mastered before contact with the other is made, and we’re dealing with the most difficult issues first.

The Sun represents a lot of things, but he’s the only giver in the entire solar system. The sun is our life force and our will, and it represents vitality and fun. The sun is associated with men and male energy. The moon is associated with women and female energy. It represents time, cycles of time, and the subconscious mind. The moon teaches us about patience and moderation.

In this conjunction, as we consider the moon and the sun together, we see the perfect blend of male and female energy-a divine combination. Something is coming to an end, and with Pluto in the 1st house of self, it definitely involves you.

At this time, we become aware of some of the more serious issues of life. The Moon in the 8th house has just shined a light on your thoughts pertaining to death, sex, and birth, and as those thoughts rise to the surface, the Sun provides the Moon with the will power, the vitality, and all the energy necessary to not only face these issues, but resolve them, come to grips with them, and make them apart of your life in a loving way.

Leo is a sign of pleasure, fun, and creativity, and the sun is home in Leo. With Leo in the 8th house, the key to our success is not taking life so seriously. Leo is reminding us that we still need to have fun. A lot of inspiration can be drawn from the 8th house, and some of the darkest issues can provide the brightest opportunities. It’s all in good fun, and it’s all apart of who you are as an individual.

Pluto is powerful and Pluto, when expressed negatively, shows us murders, riots, and protesting. Pluto does what it has to do to bring the truth to the surface and transform. We learn about ourselves through all types of behavior, but the sun/moon conjunction in Leo is giving us a way to navigate through the mysterious and unknown in a fun and loving way.

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