Original Launch Sites Now Sacred?

Have you ever wondered why the designs of Vatican City, Washington D.C., and Teotihuacun in Mexico are all similar in design?

Zechariah Sitchin in his book, The 12th Planet, said the Nefilim, the ancient astronauts who visited earth 445,000 years ago from another planet, built here on earth their space station centers.

Their actual space ship was called a GIR, and it would launch from shaft-like enclosure that was underground. I guess it was like a cylinder.

I’m starting to think that maybe those places mentioned above were launch sites or space stations at one time.

I’ve been looking at these pictures all day, and I think I might be onto to something. And there’s one other thing. Why is it that in other countries this design holds religious significance, but in the United States, it’s political?

The picture below is of the GIR. It actually looks like a kite shape. If you draw a cross on its side and then connect the points, you’d have the basic design of the GIR.

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