Original Launch Sites Now Sacred?

Have you ever wondered why the designs of Vatican City, Washington D.C., and Teotihuacun in Mexico are all similar in design?

Zechariah Sitchin in his book, The 12th Planet, said the Nefilim, the ancient astronauts who visited earth 445,000 years ago from another planet, built here on earth their space station centers.

Their actual space ship was called a GIR, and it would launch from shaft-like enclosure that was underground. I guess it was like a cylinder.

I’m starting to think that maybe those places mentioned above were launch sites or space stations at one time.

I’ve been looking at these pictures all day, and I think I might be onto to something. And there’s one other thing. Why is it that in other countries this design holds religious significance, but in the United States, it’s political?

The picture below is of the GIR. It actually looks like a kite shape. If you draw a cross on its side and then connect the points, you’d have the basic design of the GIR.

Holy Sh*t! I Just Realized This; They’re Still Here!!!

If you just read my last post then this will make sense. It just dawned on me;

Well, okay, we got the story, BUT.. what ever happened to the Nefilim?

According to Sitchin’s work, the Deluge, or Noah’s Flood occurred 13,000 years ago. The Nefilim was the civilization that landed on earth 445,000 years ago. They came here as astronauts from their home planet as it was orbiting our sun.

They stayed here on earth, set up their civilization, and created humanity to do their work, which was mining gold. When humans began procreating they grew in numbers. Eventually we began moving to other continents.

The Nefilim became envious and jealous of humans-even though they created us because their civilization was declining and ours was on the rise. We were evolving and getting just as smart as them.

The Nefilim’s home planet was coming around to make its orbit around the sun 13,000 years ago. Only the Nefilim knew their planet’s arrival into our solar system was going to bring a tidal wave, but they didn’t tell humans because they wanted us to die in the flood. Not all of us did though.

13,000 years ago was 10,978 BC!

I just posted an article right here on Nooz Buffet about how I thought, even though not everything matched perfectly, that planet Sedna could possibly be the 12th Planet Sitchin was talking about.

Where Sitchin got it wrong was the planet’s orbit, Sitchin was hung up on the fact the 12th Planet orbited the sun from within the asteroid belt.

Well, when I researched Sedna I realized that it was definitely unique. It does orbit our sun but outside the orbit of Pluto. Also Sedna’s orbit takes 11,408 years.

Number 1. Sedna is due to reach its closest point to our sun in 2076. 2076 is the 300th anniversary of the United States. This means one of the reason for why the United States was created was to prepare for this return orbit. This is probably why the Natives were pushed aside by the French. (French and Indian War)

Number 2. If Sedna’s return here will be in 2076, then it had to leave its furthest distance from us and begin its return 5,704 years ago.

5,704 years ago on earth was year 3,628 BC!


If Sedna is the 12th Planet, and it left its furthest distance to return here in 3,628 BC, then that means the last time Sedna was where it’s going to be in 2076 was the year, 9,332 BC!

If the Noah’s Flood happened 13,000 years ago, which was 10, 978 BC then this makes perfect sense. Their space stations and everything they created on Earth beginning 445,000 years ago when they first arrived was destroyed by the Flood!

1,646 years later in 9,332 BC Sedna came around again but the Nefilim couldn’t leave Earth! All their stuff was destroyed. They weren’t able to build another space station until around 3,628 BC. The place on Earth where they set that space station up was called “Holy”. Only authorized personnel was allowed in, anyone else would be killed on site immediately.

Sedna’s orbit takes 11,408 years, that means they had no choice but to stay here and not be seen for the next 11,408 years, while they controlled humanity on Earth and prepared for their next departure.


They have to be. All the information lines up. And I pulled from various sources. If Sitchin’s research is accurate, then my conclusion has to be true.

IDK, It Makes Sense to Me

Q: Why did they kill JFK?

A: “Because he was going to share America’s greatest secret with the Russians.”

Q: And what was that?

A: The existence of extraterrestrial life here on earth.

The first time I heard this question and answer, I said to myself, “Oh, c’mon.”

But, now that I’m getting to end of Zechariah Sitchin’s book, the 12th Planet, and after what I heard on Coast to Coast recently, it might not be so hard to believe.

Sitchin’s book, as most of you know either because you’ve following my blog or you read it for yourself, begins with a proposal. Sitchin, and this is important, uses the Old Testament Bible as his anchor and source of evidence for why he believed earth was visited by astronauts from another civilization living on another planet, and for why humans were created by these people.

This would probably seem far-fetched to most people, but not to me. I never understood our origin story. If human male and females procreate, then where did the first man and woman come from? Who was humanities original mother and father? And that’s when people would say, “God. God created Adam and Eve.”

That story didn’t seem right to me, but the problem with any other explanation besides what the bible offers, is that it’s beyond our wildest imaginations. People dismiss it when it’s too complicated. But at this point, it shouldn’t be (hint JFK).

According to Sitchin, a civilization of people he called Nefilim, lived on another planet, the 12th Planet of our solar system. This 12th planet supposedly orbits our sun from within the asteroid belt in between Jupiter and Mars. But at its furthest distance from our sun, it goes all the way out past Pluto. It almost has the orbit of a comet. Anyway, as the 12th planet was coming into our solar system to make its orbit around our sun, astronauts left it and landed on earth-this was 445,000 years ago.

As you can imagine, the Nefilim were an evolved and highly technical civilization. In order for them to have sent astronauts here, first of all, they would’ve had to have the aircraft and the fuel to do it. They would’ve had to know exactly where their home planet was in relationship to other planets in the solar system, and the orbits of the other planets as well. Their flight here had to be one of perfect timing. On a simpler level, that’s like jumping off a moving platform onto another moving platform.

So, the Nefilim landed here 445,000 years ago and set up Earth Station 1 in southern Mesopotamia. 15,000 years later, when the ice sheets melted, the climate in the near east became hospitable. 400,000 years ago, another group of Nefilim arrived, and they were starting to establish trade routs and expand out of Mesopotamia into Africa.

360,000 years ago they created their spaceport here in a city called Sippar. They also created other cities for their many Gods. The Nefilim were “the Gods.” They landed here first, they lived here alone, they began their work here, which was mining gold, and they created us.

It was their plan to stay here permanently and use their space station to get on and off planet and then back to their home planet whenever necessary.

Their reason for why they created Man was to do their work. And that did happen 300,000 years ago. 50,000 years later or 250, 000 years ago, humans began multiplying and spreading to other continents.

100,000 years ago, the Nefilim began to lust after the daughters of Man and take them for wives. 75,000 years ago is when the hostility and jealousy between the Nefilim and their human creation began. Not all the Nefilim hated us though, only a portion.

Then, 13,000 years ago or roughly 10,978 BC (see my article about planet Sedna), the 12th Planet was making its way back to our solar system, but this time, it was bringing electrical storms a tidal wave with it. This is what we now know as the Deluge or Noah’s Flood.

The Nefilim knew about the coming flood, but refused to warn the humans. They wanted humanity to perish in the Flood so they could begin anew. Noah, because he was a descendant-half man and half divine, was able to get the warning ahead of time and save whoever he could.

Those who didn’t believe in him perished. Now, this is where we start getting up to date.

The Nefilim hated humanity so much, and they did not want humanity evolving or getting as smart as them. They did not want us traveling off planet, and they didn’t even want future humans to know of their divine ancestry.

This was only 13,000 years ago. Their biggest fear was a human race unified in culture and purpose, so they adopted the imperial policy: Divide and rule, or divide and conquer. The Nefilim were in decline at this point and humanity was on the rise.

There are several reasons why people say the Pope is the closest man to God living on earth, but one should obvious right now. How many languages does the Pope speak?

Okay, the goal of the Nefilim was to divide humanity culturally and in purpose. The fact that the Pope speaks at least 10 different languages gives him the greatest potential of unifying humanity culturally. With purpose, he might not do that because that would give everything away, but he can play the peacemaker role and pretend to be holier than thou.


As time moves forward, the the Nefilim got more controlling. They became overlords and jealously guarded their territories, industry, or professions they were given dominion over. As humanity spread and continued populating the earth, human Kings became intermediaries between humanity and the Gods.

Early Kings who were human beings, went to war and conquered new lands on command from their Gods! At this point we’re talking 3,000 years ago! The Gods retained the powers of conducting foreign affairs, which involved Gods in other territories.

Then the need for humans to know who their correct gods were, and that’s were Paganism began.

Let me go back to the Kings for a second, and you should begin to see the bigger picture real soon. In the early 1,000s AD, people began waking up to fact that Kings and Priests were working together to rule over nations. People began realizing that you didn’t need to go to church to talk to God. This situation between Kings and Priests ruling over nations with an iron fist reached its tipping point.


Does it make sense now for why and how America was created? Do you understand why our Founding Fathers created the United States and gave SOVEREIGNTY to the us-We The People? Sovereignty means that we the people are more powerful than any government or government official we put into power.

But why did the Founders give sovereignty to us, a decision seen as radical and unheard of at that time? Because the priests and the kings abused the power and enslaved their citizens.

They reason why America was created the way it was, was because this was supposed to be the melting pot, the place where people from all over the world could come, assimilate, and unify. We didn’t need to speak 10 languages like the Pope because all we had to learn was one, English. And then, once we all spoke the same language, we were supposed to unify culturally and with a common purpose!!!

At one time, there was only one language spoken on earth. The Nefilim changed that on purpose to divide us.

America was set up for us to rediscover our ancient roots and origin. No one has all the answers, but if you create a country of free people who can put a government into place that ensures their lives, liberty, and pursuit of happiness, then maybe they could make the discoveries that needed to be made.

Getting back to Kennedy now, which you can probably understand why I said what I said earlier about the reason why he was killed was suddenly not so far-fetched.

On Linda Moulten Howe’s podcast, she interviewed the person who asked those questions to the man who gave us the answers. The man who answered the questions was going to jail for his participation and cover-up in the Watergate Scandal. He said Kennedy was killed because he was going to share our most important secret with the Russians, which was the existence of extraterrestrial life on earth.

On Coast to Coast, a guest said a ton of files came from the Kennedy administration and were sent out to another branch of our government. In the files were the plans for how humanity would be briefed and brought up-to-speed on the existence of extraterrestrial on earth, their technology, and their involvement in our past.

The Kennedy administration was going to spearhead the efforts that would finally make understanding the truth about who we are and where we came from possible.

My friends, little by little the pieces are falling into place. The answers we seek are out there. The original “holy” place; this was known to the Nefilim as the Fourth Region, and holy originally translated literally as dedicated and restricted. Only the Gods could enter holy places, it was pure land that could only be approached with authorization. Trespassers would be killed on site instantly!

The original holy place was where the Nefilim set up their second space station to replace the one destroyed in Noah’s Flood.

We have a place here in America that sounds similar; Area 51. And that joking around with highway 66 and aliens, it’s probably true! It’s probably not a joke.

A long time ago, Linda Moulten Howe was told that extraterrestrials were being used to cover-up advanced military technology, and her response was, “no, you’re using advanced military technology to cover-up the existence if extraterrestrials.

I think she’s right. An American citizen who works and pays taxes can’t even step foot in area 51. Authorized personnel only, and that according to the Nefilim, would be a Holy place.