It’s Time to Wake Up, Seriously..

Okay, so people want to know what will happen when “Dooms Day” disintegrates or breaks off and floats into ocean currents.

For those who don’t know or have given absolutely no thought to this, our Planet is apart of a system, and that system is the solar system.

Earth goes through cycles-similar to what we see when the seasons change-but on a much larger scale. We as people on this Planet cannot stop these cycles because they are natural. It’s a natural process or cycle of life, death, rejuvenation, cleansing, and so on.

“Dooms Day” is a glacier in Antarctica, and yes, a large portion of earth’s water is frozen at the moment. It’s obvious what’s going to happen if “Dooms Day” dissolves in the warmer ocean water; the sea level will rise, but if that’s happening, then the earth is probably going through a global climate change.

If you read, The Atlantis Blueprint, then you’re familiar with the evidence presented on pole changes. We know the alignment of the pole changed from the Hudson Bay. I wrote about this a long time ago, but it’s a good time to bring it back up. Chares Hapgood was a professor who spent his entire life studying ancient civilizations. Well, he wrote to a man named Rand Flem-Ath in 1982 to tell him about the evidence he discovered concerning the displacement of the Earth’s crust, which moved North and South America southward by 30 degrees to their current location.

Hapgood also had information and evidence of a cycle of civilization in America and Antarctica that suggested advanced levels of science going back 100,000 years. Immediately, Rand was blown away and decided to reach out to Hapgood. Rand never received a response, and two-weeks later, his later was returned stamped “deceased”. Mysteriously, Hapgood was killed after being hit by a car.


You could say all this is bullshit, but then we have Sitchin’s book, The 12th Planet. Hapgood was correct, and we have another situation here where two unrelated texts kind prove each other.

The point is that deserts weren’t always deserts. According to Sitchin, earth’s great ice sheets began to recede which made the Near East hospitable 430,000 years ago, or 15,000 years after the Nefilim arrived on earth.

There was a global interglacial period 400,000 years ago, and then a new one 200,000 years ago that ended when the climate began to warm 100,000 years ago, which was right around the time Hapgood’s evidence pointed to advanced technology and advanced levels of science.

So you can see how these texts, although unrelated, are complimentary to one another. 75,000 years ago the earth went through an ice age that ended with Noah’s flood approximately 13,000 years ago.

Eventually, something will happen and all the ice covering Antarctica will melt, the sea levels will rise, and life as we know it will change dramatically. The idea is to enjoy the time we have here, don’t stress, and don’t believe that you getting in your car everyday and driving to work is responsible for the earth’s climate change.

There are people in Antarctica right now that are melting ice at warp speeds to see what’s under it, but they’ll turnaround and blame us. They say we’re responsible for causing the global temperature to rise which is causing the ice to melt at faster speeds.

No man. The earth is going to do its thing no matter what.

I digress, but seriously, it’s time to wake up! There are authors out here giving death-bed confessions, lets not let them die in vain. Lets put their research to good use and promote a change here on earth that probably should’ve happened thousands of years ago.

No one should be bored right now. We need new prophets, new explorers, and new leaders. It’s time.

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