The Sudden Realization that Gave Me Chills!!

It was Zecharia Sitchin who mentioned in his book, The 12th Planet, that Earth was visited 450,000 years ago by astronauts from an advanced civilization living on another planet.

What makes this claim amazing and at the same time, hard for some people to believe, is that in order for that to happen, this civilization would’ve had to have been advanced technologically, scientifically, and astronomically.

Now, I’m going to get right to the point because I don’t want this to be another 5,000 word post. I have to go to bed soon!

Sitchin provided us with an image of what the space craft looked like that was used by this civilization. It was called a GIR.

As you look at this GIR, imagine that it’s flying through space horizontally. The GIR has 3 parts. Please excuse my drawing skills.

The Great Pyramid of Giza is physical representation of the 1st part of the GIR, the engine. The King’s chamber and all those pictures you see online of the tunnels on the inside of the pyramid is a schematic drawing of how the engine is designed and how it works.

But why and why go through all this trouble? How do I know this?

The flood we know as Noah’s Flood happened approximately 13,000 years ago. The Pyramids and the Sphinx in Egypt were built between 10,860 BC and 8,700 BC, which was also the Age of the Lion, or the astrological age of Leo.

The Sahara/Sierra dessert is in the upper region of Africa. Please excuse my drawing skills once again.

The secret to this whole mystery is in the top view of the The Great Pyramid. The top view is the International Maritime Flag, SIERRA (S), which means, “I am operating ASTERN PROPULSION.”

According to Oxford Online Dictionary, ASTERN means behind or towards the rear of a ship or aircraft!

International Maritime Flag (S) Sierra

I apologize for the out of focus picture if the flag.

Whoever built the Pyramids had knowledge of propulsion systems, engines, and aircrafts, and they hid their secret in the Maritime Flag because of Noah’s Flood, a time when the earth was covered by water.

If you remove the Z from GIZA and replace it with an R, you have the word GIRA (GIRA/GEAR), and GIRA translates to guarantee. The Great Pyramid of GIZA is a guarantee of the operating function of the engine and propulsion system necessary for interplanetary travel. And that has been in our hands for last 10,000 years.

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