Nooz Now

Sunday, October 9, 2022 Edition

Good Afternoon everyone! Welcome to the October 9, 2022 Edition of Nooz Now, I’m your host Francis Joseph LaManna.

🌍Let’s see; we have north and south of the equator, Tropic of Cancer, Tropic of Capricorn, North Pole, South Pole, and the Eastern and Western Hemispheres. With all this division is it actually possible to measure global climate? In order for global warming to be a thing, we’d have to be able to get a single temperature for our entire planet, and that my friends, is just not possible.

🏈Yesterday in NCAA Football, (8)Tennessee beat (25)LSU 40-13, (18)UCLA beat (11)Utah 42-32, unranked Arizona State beat (21)Washington 45-38, and Clemson, Syracuse, Oklahoma State, TCU, Michigan, Penn State, Ohio State, Alabama, Mississippi, and Georgia all remain unbeaten!

📗You can still win a free copy of my first book, Smorgasbord A Collection of Thoughts Experiences and Stories. All you have to do is guess the magical number; it can be any number from 1 to 99 and 44, 2, 55, 30, and 64, have all been incorrect guesses. Well, I’m waiting..

🧙‍♂️Edgar Cayce, the Seeping Prophet, wrote about a special case known as, The Witch-ducking Case in his collection on reincarnation. The focus of his reading was a woman named Moira Schaeffer, a 33-year old struggling artist who was invited to a Greenwich Village party to meet like-minded people who could help her further her career. After the party she returned home in a state of traumatic shock, which eventually led to self-inflicted violence. It actually got so bad she had to be institutionalized-confinement for insanity. During her time there she used to cry out in terror that someone was trying to hurt her, and that she would be visited again by “the man with the black umbrella.”

(Getting off track for a moment here, I think this black umbrella thing is extremely interesting because there were people out in the streets during the George Floyd riots carrying black umbrellas, and that video that was taken of the JFK assassination shows a strange man standing on the sidewalk holding a black umbrella)

Now, back to Moira. So, she was having these episodes while institutionalized, crying out about a man with a black umbrella coming for her. Well, Cayce’s reading, or past life regression reading took her all the way back to New England during the time of the witch hunts. Cayce found that her name during that life was Mana Smyrth, and she was brought to the prisoner’s dock for having some talent as a clairvoyant. Her sentence was considered light as she was condemned to a series of public witch-duckings.

Sometimes these duckings were brutal and often led to drowning, but Mana survived. In fact, she emerged from this situation bitter and vengeful. The intensity of this woman’s hatred and anger for those who reprimanded her was so strong that it carried over into her current life and prevented her from making positive gains in the present moment. By not forgiving her enemies, she was caught in the karmic laws of cause and effect.

It took a lot, but eventually Moira was restored to sanity and got her health back.

This was an amazing story, and I thought you’d find it interesting. I can’t believe woman were being killed, burned, and publicly embarrassed for having a sixth sense or quite naturally, a connection to their source. They were called witches and this was the continuation of the suppression and oppression of the Divine Feminine energy, which began around the time of 325 AD with the Council of Nicaea.

💡I learned something yesterday from listening to Alan Watts. If you felt over sensitive, like every little thing catches your attention, and you seem to notice things people around don’t seem to notice, it’s because you’ve taken yourself deep into self-isolation. This is what occurs when we become hermits. Watts talked about people retreating and seeking silence and solitude so they can go within to find answers about themselves they couldn’t find out in the world. He said you can go so deep, an he’s absolutely right, that if you went into the woods you would notice the animal’s attention on you. You would discover even in your deepest isolation, you would still be apart of a community, it wouldn’t be a human community, but it would be a community.

This is true. And listening to him explain this was comforting. It was good news. So, if this is you and you’re reaching the life of a hermit, and you’re noticing all this weird stuff going on, you’re not crazy and there’s a way back out of it. All you have to do is reintegrate yourself back into society.

Alright my friends, thank you for visiting Nooz Buffet. Enjoy your Sunday!


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