Breakthrough! Astrology and Squares

There are many reasons for why I love astrology, but I enjoy something very specific about it. Through my spiritual path and journey of self-discovery, with astrology obviously being the tool, the more I learn about myself means the more I can help you learn about yourself.

Let’s start with the Sun. There’s lots to know about the Sun, but the most important thing to understand is that it represents the self, you. It also represents the father and those in authority.

There are tons of keywords, associations, parallels, and personifications when it comes to the planets, and sometimes it’s enough to make people close the book and walk away, believe me I get it.

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But, if you take it on case by case basis, you’ll avoid that problem of feeling so overwhelmed that you become confused and discouraged.

For me personally, I’m trying to figure something out about myself in relation to authority figures, so that’s how I’ll interpret the sun in my chart.

What I’m looking at specifically is the square between my natal Sun and Uranus.

The Square is an aspect of 90 degrees. That means two planets are separated by 90 degrees, in this case it’s the Sun and Uranus. For those who don’t know, an aspect is the relationship between two planets or points in the chart. If you imagined the planets to be people, the aspect would describe their relationship.

Squares are challenging and stressful, they present obstacles, and teach lessons. But don’t get discouraged. Squares present the energy we need to achieve greatness. A person can develop tremendous drive and strength when they find ways to overcome.

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All those sayings you hear like, “nothing worth having comes easy,” “seeing the sunshine sometimes requires us to travel through the rain” etc. That’s what the square is about.

To truly understand Uranus, you must keep in mind that it was discovered in 1786. That’s 10 years after America claimed independence. Uranus is the planet of change and originality. He’s revolutionary. He awakens and shocks and brings about sudden opportunities.

Uranus is in the 5th house of my chart. That’s the sector controlling creativity, short term pleasure, fun, and enjoying life.

So, I have a 7th house Sun squared with a 5th house Uranus. Uranus is exalted in my chart, and I’m an Aquarius (Uranus rules Aquarius) so fun, creativity, and pleasure can be had at the highest levels. At times they have been.

I think you can understand the relationship now with the sun, and that’s the breakthrough. A Sun in the house governing marriage, relationships, and open enemies, squared with a 5th house sun means basically, the devil’s giving you rope and it ain’t his fault if you hang yourself with it.

Also, because Libra rules the 7th house, harmony and balance come into the picture. I’m single and I’ve never been married, but I think if I find the right person, we can have a lot of fun together.

There’s so much more that goes along with this reading. What I wrote here is just the tip of the iceberg. Outside of myself, lets say the sun represents authority figures, then we can see the types of problems that can result from the energy present. Did Britain like when America claimed independence?

Authority figures like to maintain some form of control, some way more than others. So because of the square they’re not going to appreciate the sudden decisions, originality, and revolutionary nature of Uranus. When it comes to creativity, pleasure, and fun, there will always be obstacles. And there has been. This alignment and shared aspect is at the root of who I am and it is the focal point when it comes to fifth house matters and my relationship with authority figures.

Overcoming this alignment can bestow rare opportunities in life.

Where are the squares in your chart?

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