Astrologically Speaking

So, I’ve been studying and practicing astrology for about thirteen years now. It’s an interesting story in itself, but my Saturn return in 2009 awakened me to my love for astrology, my passion for astronomy and everything occult, and as he resumed his orbit, he left a very special door open.

I’ve been getting some amazing feedback on my astrological chart analysis. People are blown away by the accuracy and depth of my readings. I’m bringing personal issues up to the surface, and it’s helping people understand themselves in ways they never imagined.

Thank you for the feedback.

We’ve discussed the Saturn return here before. Saturn orbits the sun approximately once every 29 years, so most people experience their first Saturn return by the age of 29. A Saturn return, astrologically speaking, is when Saturn transits through the signs making his way around your chart until he reaches or comes back to where he was when you were born.

That Saturn return is important because we don’t live to see many.

Have a good night everyone.

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