Astrology, Planetary Discovery, & Digging for Answers

If there’s a 10th or a 12th or a 3rd or a whatever planet missing, that if found could unlock the key to this whole mystery, then, perhaps we’re not digging deep enough.

What do I mean?

Well, if you haven’t realized it yet, every time the discovery of a new planet is announced, we coincidentally discover the comparable element.

What do I mean?

my table

All of these elements are radioactive, and like we found out yesterday in our post “I Might Be on to Something Here,” electromagnetic radiation in the form of radio waves is broadcasting from Sagittarius A near our Galactic Center.

Wouldn’t it be something if our galaxy was quite literally a cosmic dance? Radio active planets powered by radio waves.

Getting back to my point, if there’s a 12th Planet, then the keys to finding it are probably buried within our earth.

This is somewhat unrelated, but super interesting. The roots of astrology have been traced all the way back to 5,000 B.C. to 3,000 B.C. with Vishnu, the reigning god of Hinduism, the sun incarnate, and their most divine being.

The Sun has it’s element, and that’s gold. According to Wikipedia, gold was discovered in the Middle East before 6,000 BCE.

Do we dare to say astrology began with the discovery of gold?

And what about the Moon and its relationship to silver? Wikipedia said silver was discovered before 5000 B.C. So, first we dug and found gold, and our sun was brought into visibility. Then, we dug some more, and our moon was visible.

Copper is said to be the first element discovered, and copper is associated with Venus. As a matter of fact before gold and silver were found, we found copper (Venus) and lead (Saturn).

I find it amazingly interesting that Venus and Saturn are the two planets spoken about between Thoth Hermes Trismegistus and the Great Dragon when the most important secrets concerning life after death and our Galaxy were revealed. It was said that the secrets to reincarnation, or coming back with an awakened memory and full awareness of a previous life is connected to Venus. The Great Dragon said our Milky Way Galaxy was the seed ground of stars that Saturn returns souls to after death without memory. The Milky Way is a prison for souls and Saturn is the warden.

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