Moon Scope

December 8, 2022 Edition.

4:15 PM

As the energy fueled by the Moon’s placement in Aries finally dissipates, we feel a sense a relief. We finally have chance for the first time in four or five days to collect our bearings and actually start thinking again. Hey, it was necessary. Sometimes we have to speak up for ourselves. We can’t always be the pushover, the ass of the joke, and the person people dump their trash on. We bite our tongues, and we demonstrate patience because it’s the mature and professional thing to do, but we should also have a cutoff point when we say enough is enough.

And that’s where we pick up and that’s the point we’re moving forward from.

The full moon last night in Gemini, which was the last full moon of 2022, took us to the peak of this current moon cycle, and tonight, as the moon begins to wane, it will spend one last night in Gemini. While this is a time of culmination, and a time to enjoy the fruits of our labor, we’re reminded that time is of the essence.

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Saturn, the God of the Capital, time, wealth, and agriculture is in conjunction to the midheaven in the sign of Aquarius. With his scythe in hand, he stands tall, at the highest point in the chart.

This is a clear indication of where our focus should be right now. Our image in the eyes of the public, and our career choice is highlighted now, and Saturn is in good aspect (trine) with the Moon/Mars conjunction in Gemini in the 1st House of Self.

The Moon’s conjunction to Mars in Gemini gives us the drive, the ambition, and the intellectual brain power that we need for matters involving our public image and career choice. There could be wealth and good fortune involved as the sign of Aquarius relates to what we do or should be doing for a living.

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